Listen to What your Acne is Telling you!

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Acne… The never ending problem. No matter how much money we spend on cosmetic products, hide them with makeup, and even use dermatologically recommended products they keep coming back again. According to the doctors, most of the times acne suggests much more than just skin trouble.

Here’s a face mapping technique for you to decode the acne’s language!

Here, the most common troubled areas are marked with numbers. Pick your number and find out what is your acne is telling you.

  • 1 and 2

Troubled Digestive System.

Cut short on the junk and processed food. Increase the water and fluid intake. Reduce high fat contents from your diet.

  • 3

Unhealthy Liver

Trim the alcohol consumption and maintain distance with oily and greasy food. Food allergies also show up first on this area so watch what you eat. Dedicate 30 minutes of the morning to light exercise or yoga. Take adequate sleep.

  • 4 and 5


Any skin problem near the eye… Even the dark circles indicate towards dehydration. Drink loads of water.

  • 6

Heart Problem or Bad Makeup

The area is full of pores and hence using makeup regularly blocks the pores, which in turn develop the pimples. Also, the pimples may indicate to heart problems. Check your blood pressure and cut down on cholesterol. Cut down meat and spicy food. Get more fresh air and replace bad fats with the good ones, like nuts, avocados and flax seed.

  • 7 and 8


Work on hydration. Cut short on alcohol and aerated drinks. Drink up lot of water.

  • 9 and 10

Respiratory System

If you smoke or have allergies, this must be your trouble area. People with sensitive skins also face trouble in this zone. This may also indicate about body heating… Eat more cooling food and take more fresh air. Avoid acidic food, like meat, dairy, alcohol, sugar, caffeine and eat more alkaline food, like green vegetables and juices. Also, avoid contact with dirty surfaces, like cellphone or dirty pillow.

  • 11 and 12

Hormones and Stress

The area indicates stress and hormonal changes. Now most of the times, it’s unavoidable, but you can condense the effect by eating green vegetables, drinking water and taking adequate sleep. Also, try to keep your skin clean at all times and don’t forget to remove makeup before sleeping. Breakouts in this area also indicate your ovulation period.

  • 13


Stomach trouble. Drink herbal tea and increase the fibre consumption. Also try to eat more stomach-friendly food. You have made get break outs in this area while the stomach is upset.

  • 14


Zits over the neck area point towards illness. When your body is fighting with bacteria, the break outs appear in this zone. Take medical help. Sleep, drink water and stay happy.