Lipstick Bail Bonds: The One of a Kind Bail Bond Agents!

Operating in California, USA, Lipstick Bail Bonds is a bail bond company, which has attracted attention for its extraordinary characteristics. But let us first elaborate on what a bail bond agent or company does. Any person/corporation that acts as a surety and pledges either property or money as bail, to make the accused person/persons appear in court, is a bail bond agent or company.


Twin sisters Lisa and Teresa Golt founded the Lipstick Bail Bonds, which is the only bail bond company run by women. Good Morning America reports that it is one of the most flourishing bail bonds companies in South California. Born in 1967, the Golt sisters have previously served as police officers in the LAPD, and later became bail agents.


Now the unusual and quirky fact about the lipstick bail bonds is they breathe pink, literally! Everything about them is hot pink- pink clothes, pink automobiles, pink lipstick, pink handcuffs, pink stun guns, pink printing paper, pink pepper spray and everything else you can possibly imagine. The sisters along with their agents call themselves “the bond girls”. They own a long fleet of 29 vehicles (remember everything’s in pink), which includes a mini cooper, a hummer, a smart car, and a SWAT truck. They own five offices in California, and do not carry any guns except for the ones that fire rubber bullets.




Its main purpose is to post bail in order to get the suspects out of jail. It charges 10% for releasing suspects and then monitors them, in order to ensure that they appear at their court hearings. Southern California has seen a considerable rise in bail jumping. If a person jumps his/her bail and does not appear in court, the Lipstick Bail Bonds lose the money they posted for that persons release. The person is then recognized as a ‘fugitive’, which means he/she is placed on the Lipstick’s Most Wanted list. He is then hunted down by the agents and the Golts, who plan his capture. These captures (most of them at least) are caught on tape and uploaded on Youtube. Because the fugitives skip bail, they are wanted and innocent until proven guilty in any court of law.




All the agents of the company are females. Teresa Golt once stated to ABC news that if a guy wanted to be one of them, i.e., a Lipstick Bond Girl, he’d have to follow all the company requirements- from driving pink cars to wearing pink clothes, shoes, and even lipsticks!

Here’s the link to the company’s official website- soak in some pink and take a tour! Cheers to girl power!