Libra: What Your Horoscope 2013 Says

(September 23 – October 22)

General Predictions for 2013

Love Life

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You will not find yourself mentally compatible with your companion. Self-ego will inhibit you from going in for a patch-up. Managing a balance between your professional and personal life would be a challenging task for you. As the year progress, things would begin to improve. Male Librans will get support from their spouse.


Promotion and a hike in pay are likely to come your way. New job opportunities may knock your door. It’s a good time for working professionals, who want to resume their studies. This is the best year for joint ventures and business expansions. Be cautious while investing your money.

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Minor health issues may arise from time to time. You might suffer from digestive disorders. Instead of allopathic treatment, go for ayurveda or homoeopathy. Follow a healthy lifestyle. Start your day with yoga and meditation.

Domestic and Home Life

Pay attention to your parents. Stars predict that you may relocate to a new place along with your family. Communication gap between you and your partner may hamper your relationship. It’s an auspicious year for buying and selling property.

Lucky Number– 3
Lucky Months– March, April and October
Lucky Colour– Coffee

Month wise Horoscope 2013


Professional life will go smooth. Invest your money in secured instruments. This is a fortunate time for students. Use a creative approach and mental intellect to grab the opportunities. Eat a healthy diet to maintain the cholesterol level. You are likely to get a pleasant surprise from your special someone.
Lucky Colour– Indigo
Lucky Number– 11


Your aggressive behaviour may lead to a conflict with your colleague. Students are suggested to utilize their time in a constructive manner. Businessmen can reap huge gains. Married couples are going to have an exciting time. Be focused on health issues.
Lucky Colour– Cream
Lucky Number– 18


You will spend quality time with your friends and close ones. You might go for an overseas business trip. Put efforts on your part to release the delayed payments. Try to rejuvenate your love life. Health will remain satisfactory.
Lucky Colour– Turquoise
Lucky Number– 5


Pay attention to important matters at workplace. Delegate your work to a responsible colleague; otherwise you will come in fault. You may remain engaged in social activities. Friends will support you. Your efforts to improve your health conditions will not go in vain.
Lucky Colour– Lavender
Lucky Number– 4


Financially, this month is not so good. You might remain stressed regarding your finances. You will need to give complete attention to a new project assigned to you, but, don’t ignore your domestic life. There would be a rise in your social status. Students are suggested to work hard to beat the competition.
Lucky Colour– Saffron
Lucky Number– 18


Don’t neglect your job priorities. Try to cut back on your expenses and increase the savings. You might have to postpone a planned trip, due to some urgent work. Give immediate focus on your dwindling love life. Exercise daily and eat a balanced diet for a sound health.
Lucky Colour– Brown
Lucky Number– 18


Passion towards work will help you to surmount the challenges in your professional life. Your loan might get sanctioned. Love life will remain satisfactory. Don’t make drastic changes to your health regime.
Lucky Colour– Violet
Lucky Number– 8


Financial improvements are likely to take place. Your friends and spouse would support you in achieving your career goal. Avoid over-reacting on things. Love life would be satisfactory. You will observe improvement in your health.
Lucky Colour– Violet
Lucky Number– 11


You need to keep an eye on opportunities to climb the corporate ladder. A minor financial obstacle may be the cause of mental stress. You may enjoy an outing with your relatives and friends. Be flexible while dealing with domestic affairs. No major issues regarding health are foreseen.
Lucky Colour– Dark Blue
Lucky Number– 7


Don’t ignore your heart’s voice while taking decisions about your future. Superior’s advice will help you a lot in completing your project successfully. You will reap lucrative benefits from the past investments. Eligible bachelors would find a perfect match, so keep your fingers crossed.
Lucky Colour– Red
Lucky Number– 3


New friends are likely to add in your list. Focus on your career objectives and don’t get distracted. New learning at the workplace will enhance your skills. Finances are excellent. Love life will remain fulfilling. You might get immense time to know your special someone from very close. On the health front, it’s a good time for you.
Lucky Colour– White
Lucky Number– 15


Your professional life will remain so busy that you may possibly not get time in indulging in social activities. Your income might get augmented. Biased behaviour against you, on the professional front, will disappoint you. Remove illogical fears from your mind. Reignite your love life.
Lucky Colour– Off White
Lucky Number– 7