Let’s Count the Celebrities with Their Family Quotient

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Renowned celebs…busy schedule…..but, how they manage to spare time for their family? Do you want to divulge this clandestine?? If yes…go through this article!

Here are some actors and their views about work-life balance.

Amitabh Bachchan

Big B is an allegiant family man, a caring dad, who loves his family members fervently. On asking whether he is lot like his father, he replied, “Yes, I like to keep to myself and by temperament, I’m disciplined. Like him, I worry if a family member falls ill. One could always depend upon dad and my family knows that they can rely upon me. Talking about his work, he revealed I’m familiar with the new breed lingo and feel equipped to fit in to their world. I find the new breed extremely stimulating and enjoy their company. I would like to believe that they enjoy my company equally, for, I’m thoroughly clued in about what’s happening in their world.

Shah Rukh Khan

Failure gave me an incentive to work harder, an act which invariably leads to some kind of success in most cases. So work hard whenever you fail…failure is an amazing teacher….” “More than me being the jewelry of my family, I think my family has been the crown of this Baadshah.” “Home is where Gauri and the children are…” – Shah Rukh Khan

Akshay Kumar

I take one month off every year. Every three months I take seven-eight days off and I don’t work on Saturdays and Sundays. So many things I do to manage my personal and professional life and I’ve been able to manage that well and strike a balance.” – Akshay Kumar

Hrithik Roshan

According to her wife, Sussanne, Hrithik is an absolute family man. He loves to spend time with the family. Nothing can distract him when he is with the kids. He is a great husband, but a greater father.

Ajay Devgan

Kajol and I get enough time to spend with each other. I have never had a problem on that front. I have always balanced my work and family life very well.Ajay Devgan

Zyed Khan

I am a family guy. Lots of things to juggle with and I am just happy with the pace of life.” – Zyed Khan