Leo: What Your Horoscope 2013 Says

(July 23 – August 22)

General Predictions for 2013

Love Life

It’s a great time for singles to settle down with a suitable life partner. Friendship may turn into love relationships. Unnecessary arguments may disturb your married life, so evade it. A member from your family might create misunderstandings between you and your spouse. Don’t give space to communication gap. Seek the opinion of your companion on all matters.


Don’t indulge into conflict with your boss. You will get several opportunities to change your job or career path. Don’t take any decision in hurry. You are likely to have a great burden of work in the beginning of the year. You will face a tough time in your professional life. To abstain from frustration, you are suggested to take a break and plan a vacation.


In terms of health, this year is not going to be so good. Mental stress may affect your health. Stones and blood pressure might be the reasons of concern for you. In order to remain fit, do some physical exercises and intake milk, fruits and less spicy food. Seek a doctor’s recommendation, to get rid of chronic diseases.

Domestic and Home Life

Home environment will remain peaceful. Relationship with siblings would improve. You will get support from your family members. Positive thoughts will keep the environment holistic. Your decisions would be respected.

Lucky Number– 11
Lucky Months– January, March and November
Lucky Colour– Peach

Month wise Horoscope 2013


Consistency in work will help you to progress in your profession. Unhealthy habits may deteriorate your health, so be careful. There may be ego conflicts between you and your partner. To avoid mental stress, take a short break from your work.
Lucky Colour– Dark Grey
Lucky Number– 22


Avoid arguments and confrontations at workplace. Focus on your career goals. Your friends would be more supportive. Manage your money wisely. You will remain socially active. Try to strike a balance between your personal and professional life.
Lucky Colour– Crimson
Lucky Number– 6


Your boss is going to assign you a prestigious assignment. Past investments will bring in good returns. You might attend business gatherings. You may spend a quality time with your lover. Someone is going to give you a pleasant surprise.
Lucky Colour– Bottle Green
Lucky Number– 8


This is a period of great career success. Pay heed to your senior’s advice. There will be a rise in your social status. Legal issues are likely to get resolved. Don’t ignore your health. Practice yoga and meditation.
Lucky Colour– Peach
Lucky Number– 18


You might get a promotion. Business trip will bring in benefits. It’s a good time to invest your money in the stock market or any other lucrative options. Students may get admission in the desired institutes. Singles may tie a nuptial knot, this month. Leos are suggested to be cautious while driving.
Lucky Colour– Lemon
Lucky Number– 11


Professional life will go your way. Those interested in creative art would find good opportunities. You may plan a fun trip with your close one. You will enjoy a great time socially. Changes might take place in your spiritual life. No health issues.
Lucky Colour– Silver
Lucky Number– 11


Fluctuating moods of your beloved can ruin a perfect evening out plan. You could observe a change in health regime. Employers can see employee turnover. Your expenditures may rise. You may have to confront some minor health concerns.
Lucky Colour– Lavender
Lucky Number– 4


You will enjoy authority at your work. Good career prospects are seeking you out. Don’t make important financial moves. Some of you may find it difficult to adapt to a new environment. You may attend a spiritual workshop or seminar. Pay attention to your family. Improvements in health conditions are predicted.
Lucky Colour– Silver
Lucky Number– 2


You will be appreciated for your efficiency, to handle the work pressure. It’s a good time for those associated with marketing profession. Be wise in your investments. Stars predict outright disputes between you and your partner. Health will remain good.
Lucky Colour– Lavender
Lucky Number– 17


Your finances will remain stable, this month. You are likely to lose your focus in career, so work on it. Do the needful to maintain domestic peace. Keep your temper in control. Cultivate your social skills. You may spend time with a distant relative. Overall, you will enjoy a good health.
Lucky Colour– Parrot Green
Lucky Number– 5


It is a party period for Leos. Your wheel of fortune indicates that you would progress in your career, even without paying too much focus. You might be appreciated for your work ethic. Students will do well. Family and home issues are likely to arise. Finances are satisfactory. Health will remain delicate.
Lucky Colour– Saffron
Lucky Number– 3


You can anticipate good returns from investment in real estate. Your career is likely to enhance through social means. Harmony will prevail in your domestic life. Uphold new purchase till 15th of the month. Your trip might not be as thrilling as expected. Health would improve dramatically.
Lucky Colour– Dark Blue
Lucky Number– 4