Lakme Lip Love Review

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This one’s sure to give you the juiciest pout in town! The Lakme Lip Love currently tops our list of favorite Lakme products!


What it claims-

“Lakme Lip Love Conditioner is a gel-based lip softener that nourishes your lips and forms a protective layer against dryness”. It contains Jojoba oil, Shea butter, SPF 12 and high shine polymers.

Price- Rs. 225

Quantity- 3 grams


Everyone’s going crazy about the super cute packaging of Lakme Lip Love’s conditioner. The sleek, tiny tub is capped in gorgeous red, and the lip conditioner is filled in a heart shaped outline. Very pretty we say!

Shades Available-

  • Siren (perfect coral)
  • Charmer (orangish with a red tint)
  • Hottie (bright pink)
  • Flirt (pinky coral)



Lakme is one brand that has been around since the time we first heard the word ‘makeup’ and/or ‘cosmetics’ or understood half of what it meant. The thing with Lakme is no one likes all their products. You like some, you hate some, and you cannot do without some. Recently, we’re in love with the Lip Love conditioners, each unique and absolutely gorgeous. Today, we’re going to do a review of the Siren version! It looks totally hot and peps up your pout.

The deep coral of Siren provides a bright pop of hue to your lips. It might look very bright initially, but kind of settles down within a few minutes of application. We suggest that when you’re wearing this color, you keep your makeup light and let your lips do all the talking. The shade is brighter than charmer and has a wonderful coral orange tinge.


The gel based softener has a super glossy finish and is highly pigmented. Though it hydrates, it does not do much to repair the chapped lips. The SPF 12 protects your lips from sun damage, and the gel is neither sticky nor does it feel heavy on your lips. The tinted lip balms have a candy sort of fragrance and a subtle sweet taste- which works for us but that cannot be said of everybody.

Of all the four shades, Siren is the one that is most pigmented and is quite moisturizing. The glossy appearance makes it appear more like lip butter (and not just a lip balm). For maximum staying power, wear it on a waxy balm. However, if you have chapped lips, the dryness may appear prominently from underneath.

It is easy to carry (a tiny little pot can find space in your bag at all times) and is widely available (remember this is “Lakme” that we are talking about 😛 )

The downside-

Apart from the awesome packaging and incredible colors, there are a few cons to the Lakme Lip Love Conditioners.

Firstly, the staying power. The Lip Love hardly stays for long- maximum two hours- and requires constant touch ups.

Secondly, it is not very hygienic: you’ve to dig in your finger every time you use it (and ruin your nails in the process), so it is more appropriate to apply it with the help of a brush. Also, using your finger to apply it will not give uniform results across your lips.

Thirdly, it does not moisturize despite the claims. It’s just color and gloss, but of course it’s fabulous color and gloss.

The verdict-


We totally love this super adorable product by Lakme. And we are going to buy it over and over again. Who can say a no to such stunning shades and the charming packaging! It’s a yay from us!

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