Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara Review


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When Lakme Eyeconic was launched in the market, it was touted to be the next big thing- pervasive advertising, neat packaging, and super economical prices, everyone wondered if this was going to beat Maybelline and Revlon! And beat it did? Well, you’ll have to read along to know better!

Price- Rs. 250

Quantity- 9 ml

How to Use

Woman applying mascara on her eyelashes - macro shot

  • Start with the upper lid. Brush the underside of lashes in upward strokes.
  • Next with downward strokes, brush the upper side of the lashes of the lower lid.


  • Always brush lashes from root to tip.
  • When brushing the lashes, wiggle brush a little from left to right, to separate them.



The sleek and attractive packaging is very user friendly. It isn’t the typical round tube; rather it is tapered at the edges. The wand is pretty long with a bent brush at the end, which makes the application of mascara hassle free, on the inner and lower lashes. The bristles are closely spaced, which grab all your lashes together and facilitate over all application. Keeping in mind the above stated factors, the packaging is wonderful and a big plus point for the product- not to forget, the combination of black and blue on the tube is elegant and stylish too.

About the Product

Okay, so the Eyeconic Curling Mascara from Lakme has made everyone happy. The deep dark black is dramatic and intense, and impressively darkens your lashes. It easily builds layers, usually two quotes are sufficient though. It even curls your lashes (therefore doing what it actually claims to do). It stays on for long and does not clump, which is another huge bonus.


The mascara does not promise the length, thickening or water resistance; therefore, it does not do that. It promises curl- Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara- the name says it all, and it does provide you with that. The mascara isn’t waterproof, so if you are heading out when the weather shows the signs of a pour, or a gathering (either happy or sad) where you are likely to get wet-eyed, we suggest you to stay away from this mascara, or else you’ll land up with big black runny marks around your eyes.

Another thing to keep in mind, while using this mascara is that it takes a few minutes to dry up. So don’t blink your eyes constantly after applying 2-3 quotes, because it will clump and stick your lashes together. The price is super duper economical (another factor that makes us woot for this incredible product). At Rs. 250/- it is the best that one can get (considering that almost all the other competitors are quite pricey).

It neither weighs down your lashes, nor does it harden them, which is excellent for people who wear makeup every day.

What’s Yay about It?

  • Very affordable
  • Dark and intense
  • Long lasting
  • Does not clump
  • No flaking
  • Great curling
  • Defines lashes
  • Easy removal
  • Appears natural
  • Easy layering.

What’s Nay about It?

  • Takes slightly long to dry up
  • Does not come in a waterproof version
  • Does not add much volume or even a bit of length.

The Verdict


The Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara is a good choice for people who require curling and want a break from close competitor- Maybelline’s products. It’s a good buy and gives value for money. So pick this one up the next time you go shopping (i.e. if you haven’t done that already), and let us know if you’ll be buying another tube after finishing off the current one.