Lady Get your-“SELF” Back

So Ladies, do you remember the moments when you applied various cosmetics, done hair-dos, and indulged in latest trends  every time you head out of your house.It seems like those cherished days have been replaced with lunch packing, diaper changing and other chores. But, don’t ignore the sexy female within you.

Now, get ready to modify your lifestyle. Hence, we cater you some striking makeover guidelines and trickery.

It’s YOUR ‘Hair’

Is your hair utterly fried or shamble, wilted and lifeless? Clasp a salon…… Right away dear! You may get your locks and gleam back with a regular deep hair conditioning.An apt hair done will help you to regain your lost charm of your persona.Going for ammonia free hair coloring once or twice a month will add oomph to your looks.

Spur your ‘Complexion’

Post pregnancy hormones and postnatal beleaguers affect a female body, and you also experience dry patches, acne, red spots, oily splodges and general eeriness. Rush for a pore-cleansing or a dead-cell exuviating facial treatment. Do not wait to pamper yourself particularly in a spa or a beauty salon.Let your hands do the magic.

Knockout with your ‘Attires

Firstly, you must get acquainted with your figure.A small number of carefully selected items can make an immense difference.Avoid wearing mommy jeans and whopping T-shirts. Go for a signature look, for e.g. you may wear in leggings with cute tunics, trendy yet relaxing. A slender black jacket with your favorite pair of denim, or carrying a lustrous new bag will keep it simple but stylish.Being a mother does not mean that you carry a careless or sloppy attitude. Do up your closet regularly so that you will be abreast with the current trends.Moreover, this will keep your interest alive in fashion.

Cheer up your ‘Smile’

Smile acts as  medicine as well as enchanting people’s heart.It aids in improving your blood circulation resulting into less hair fall and glowing skin.

Embellish your Features

Earlier we used to take a lot of times even if we had to apply a bit of make-up or an easy hair-do.Now the time has changed, and it’s prompt.Instead,you may choose one facial aspect to emphasize. Like for e.g. , you can play up with your eyes with a little bit of Kajal ,mascara or liner.Gleam your appealing cheekbones with a good bronzer. And, gust your pout with a glistening lip-gloss or lipstick.

‘Rejuvenating’ is in The Trend

You need to follow this essentially on a regular basis. With a regular exfoliating, you may jazz up your tired and bushed skin. We give you tips to make your own homemade exfoliator in less time by blending honey and sugar’s thick paste. Scrape that mixture tenderly on your face or skin in a spherical movement. After 15-20mins, wash it off with a washcloth in lukewarm water.

To clutch that radiating skin,use high quality moisturizers and cleansers, on a regular basis.Don’t avoid taking care of your nails  with a regular manicure and pedicure.

‘Shoes’ are not The End

Tied up your feet with high heels, that can make you walk errant.

  • Soothe is essential
    Try to select heels with two inches of height or maybe lesser. Make a choice of thick heels, a fix in place heels or plump heels. Prefer using natural materials than synthetics, as they are suppler. However, do not buy too hefty shoes as they may trouble you while walking.
  • Conventional or classic shoes
    Black leather shoes are a must for every wardrobe.You may also go for heels in brown leather, snakeskin or black velvet.Classic also ropes in casual shoes, like a retro-style plimsoll, a T-strap level sandal or a leather clog up. These variants will make your experience quite exciting, every time you try them on.
  • Discover beyond ease
    Don’t just stick to one single brand or from one of friend’s shop. Explore more shops and brands and designer shoes to hit upon the hottest trends. Sometimes trying bright colours and bold patterns are not a bad idea, but yes watch out the occasion first.