Lace it up, Ladies

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Believe us girls, lace is what you must wear this season! This extremely feminine genre of clothing is just apt to highlight your womanly side and attract all the envy. Right from the lovely flowing dresses to your perfect peep toe, lace is anywhere, everywhere and on everyone’s mind.

What lace stands for is eternal. Remember Cinderella? Or our favourite doll from childhood? Yes, she too, am sure, adorned a beautiful lace dress; be it pink, white or purple. And the best thing is; there’s not just one way to wear it. Right from an eye grabbing 4 yard piece of saree, to your lil evening dress; from a daytime white lace shirt to your pretty pump, lace only glams up your wardrobe.

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Also, there’s a wide range of laces that you can choose from. There’s needle lace, crocheted lace, french lace, knitted lace and hell, lots and lots of pretty laces!

And just in case, this extravagance isn’t your thing, we bring to you a few add-ons. While you sit and wonder what you must do with that dull shirt your grandma just got you, here are a few tips to snap you out of your ordeal. Grab a really cool lace collar. Yes! It not just accentuates the upper half of your shirt, but also emphasizes those sexy collarbones you’ve been hiding away for quite some time. Now, don’t forget to take contrasts. Though black is a crowd puller and usually tops the list of every tried and tested method, we suggest you come up with your own fun ideas. Like a lemon yellow finely laced collar for a white shirt. Or an electric blue over a red one. How about mint and turquoise?

Another appealing option is that of the endless pretty bows that you can spot in your local market. Bows go well with shirts already well collared (both large and small). If you aren’t able to find your ideal piece around, seek your mommy’s old ‘saree’ or your little sister’s (even your own) childhood frock, tear away just the right amount (depending on the size of the bow you want) and tailor it at home.

Lace wallets, scarves, belts, shrugs, hair bands, there’s just so much to dress up with. After diamonds, it’s the lace that’s a girl’s best friend! Is it not?