Know Your Sun Sign: Sagittarius

Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st)

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Ruling planet: Jupiter

Element: fire

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Color: shades of purple and lavender

Star Stone: Topaz

Lucky Numbers:  5, 7, 9, 18

Lucky Days: Thursday

Sagittarians are very positive and full of energy beings. They love travelling and exploring new places. They are ambitious as well as optimistic and hence they don’t give up even when things turn against them. These are the most ethical and religious people with a strong sense of civility. Witty talkers and blessed with a foresight, these are quite amiable people. Impulsive when angry but skilled when it comes to achieve something special. Sagittarians tend to concentrate on the brighter side of everything.

Let’s analyze the Sagittarians a bit more


Modest and smart, optimistic in all circumstances, sincere and fervent in personal relations, straightforward, strong sense of morality, usually religious to the core. Blessed with a good sense of humor and strong instincts.

Not so good!

Bad temper and too straightforward, speak unthinkingly and hurt people, generally restless and are upset when their work is not recognized. Bragging and profligate. Overly superstitious and conventional.

Love life

Sagittarians are very faithful partners but biggest commitment phobic. They are uncomplicated and dislike pretense and falsehood. Sagittarians are often romantic and pleasantly surprising for their partners. They make outspoken and delightful partners partially because of their optimism.  Love life of Sagittarians is yet another adventure. Space and independence are of extreme importance to them in personal relationships. If you find your soul mate in a Sagittarian, you sure will have a fulfilling and delightful experience.


The basic nature of Sagittarians is to explore and the same continues in their sex lives. They are the most likely to experiment in sex. Outdoor sex is something Sagittarians would love to try. Due to their carefree nature they may fall for a one night stand but won’t cheat due to their strong regard for morality.


Sagittarians are delightful partners if only they are a little less blunt and candid about others faults. Sagittarians are most compatible with Aries, Libra, Leo and Aquarius.


Their versatility makes them appropriate for a lot of professions. They can be very good teachers and philosophers. They are very well at expressing morality and philosophies of life. Scientists and law is another great field for them.

Celebrities with Same Sun Sign

Akbar (Mughal emperor), Jane Austen, Bruce lee, Brad Pitt, John Abraham, Konkona Sen Sharma, Dilip Kumar, Dia Mirza,  Amanda seyfried, Britney Spears.