Know Your Sun Sign:pisces

Pisces: (February 19th to march 20th)

Ruling planet: Neptune

Element: Water

Color: Shades of sea green and aqua

Star Stone: Moonstone

Lucky Numbers: 2, 6, 12

Lucky Days: Friday

Pisceans are the most friendly, affectionate, kind and compassionate. Pisceans are too sensitive to the feelings of their own and those around them. These are usually gifted people in artistic terms. They are too emotional and irrational for the real world and they have a tendency to withdraw themselves to a dream world sometimes where there artistic interests make them content. They readily accept the people around them but somehow are found struggling themselves to fit in.

Let’s see what’s good and what’s not so good about the Pisceans.


Extremely gifted and artistic. Loyal, kind and sympathetic. Possess great imagination and their sympathetic nature makes them a lot concerned towards other’s troubles. Friendly and absorbing. They are charitable at heart.

Not so Good!

Impractical and irrational. They are usually absent minded and can’t be trusted in matters of business. Idle, dreamy and unrealistic. Confused in life related decisions. A mixture of pessimistic and optimistic and hence are often dubious in their opinions.

Love life

Pisceans live in two worlds i.e. the real world as well as the dream world. Blessed with vivid imagination, Pisceans turn out be great lovers and will make their partner feel special in a lot of ways. They are more giving than demanding but they are often cheated in relationships for their blinded faith in their partner. In love, Pisceans believe in a spiritual connection with their partner. They are extremely faithful to their partners even when they are being deceived.


For Pisceans sex is not only a physical experience, its two bodies, minds connecting on a spiritual level as well. They are romantic and full of imagination. Raw and rough sex upsets them. They will be willing to experiment to a certain level. Most Pisceans enjoy role playing and erotic games where they get to play a hypothetical character. They make fun partners if you let yourself lose with them.


Pisceans are very adjusting people and can find compatibility easily with anyone. Though they are most compatible with people born in Virgo sign, they are also suitable for Taurus, cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn.


They are most suited for subordinate positions rather than leaders. Pisceans have a kind heart and they can do very well in professions related to charity. Astronomy is another good field for them. They are born artists and can excel in the field of music, dance, writing or acting. With their imagination and spiritual leaning, they can be a part of some great discovery.

Celebrities with same sun sign

George Washington, Drew Barrymore, Bruce Willis, Jackie Chan, Eddie Murphy, Aamir Khan, Shahid Kapoor, Jiah Khan, Shashi Kapoor.