Know Your Sun Sign: Libra

Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd)

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Ruling planet: Venus

Element: Air

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Color: Shades of green and blue

Star Stone: Sapphire and Turquoise

Lucky Numbers: 6 and 9

Lucky Days: Fridays

Librans, as the symbol of scales suggests are balanced peaceful and charming creatures. You’ll find Librans having a large social circle and are generally signifies the zenith of the year and is one of the most desirable of the zodiacs. These lovers of beauty, peace and harmony are often good-looking. You’ll find most of the Librans placid and happy go lucky! They may seem idealistic to others but in the wraps they are confused as to what they really want. They are masters of a more artistic mind than intellectual. Mostly, a Librans company is enjoyable and engaging.

Let’s have a deeper look at their traits


Romantic, social, empathetic, kind and gentle. Owners of a certain charm and positive enrgy. Buoyant and cheerful to everyone’s delight. A fair sense of justice and considerate of the sentiment of others.

Not so good!

Indecisive and confused as to what they really want in life. Easily bored and unsettling. Librans are flamboyant and flashy. Flirtatious but not fraudulent. At times, they may surprise with their abrupt outburst of anger.

Love Life

It’s quite likely that you fall for a Librans charm and cheerful presence. They are romantic and dramatic in their love lives. You may need to be a lil filmy to impress a Libran girl. Small things like passing a compliment or leaving a love note matters a lot to them. Librans are usually sensitive towards the needs of their partners and are ready to compromise in case of a conflict. Once, in a relationship, Librans start to think of future and long term prospective. As they love peace they’d go to any extent to avoid conflicts and won’t be up for discussing niggling issues.


Just like love, sex is a rosy experience for Librans. Surroundings play a very important role for Librans and their senses get turned on with beautiful surrounding and fresh, flowery scents. So, you can definitely use some aroma candles and beautify the place for the special first night, just don’t miss the class in everything you do. Librans are not dependent on sex to make them feel content. Things will go slowly and sensually with them. The awareness of their own sexuality (which is very much existent) turns them on. Experimenting is not exactly the thing to do with them, though having sex in the open is a sexual fantasy common to most Librans.


Librans are compatible with most of the zodiacs coz of their easygoing and friendly nature. Though, they can’t take criticism or too many complications. Librans are most compatible with Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. For some, it may work well with Aries and other Librans.


Due to the inclination towards justice and fair treatment, Librans can be good judiciaries. Administration and civil services may prove profitable. As I said before, they are naturally creative and hence Librans can make it big in artistic professions like writing, poetry, acting etc.

Celebrities with same sun sign

Mahatma Gandhi, Kate winslet, Akon, Ranbir Kapoor, Amitabh Bacchan, Catherine Zeta Jones, Kareena Kapoor.