Know Your Sun Sign: Leo

Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd)

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Ruling planet: The Sun

Element: Fire

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Color: Shades of Orange, Red and Gold

Star Stone: Ruby

Lucky Numbers: 5, 8, 9, 14

Lucky Days: Sunday

The Leo is represented by the fierce lion which is the king of the beasts and so are the people born under this zodiac. These are the foremost, strong willed and powerful individuals. Born leaders whether in favor or revolt. These are also the most creative with brilliant minds, unshaken confidence and positive attitude. They are idealistic creatures who are also ambitious to the core. Their minds are the intelligent ones, sometimes with a philosophical or religious approach. Leonians are sometimes conservative in their approach.

Now let’s see what’s good and what’s not so good about a Leonian


Strength of body and mind, like to live with sumptuousness, leading and intelligent, open, loving, dependable and generous in personal relationships, idealistic and benevolent with a philosophical psyche.

Not so good!

Leonians are proud people and often come across as headstrong and arrogant. Over expect from the people around them and often end up disappointed, constantly looking for perfection and hence are dissatisfied with their partners, short tempered and blunt.

Love life

Leonians are spontaneous, frank, loving, generous and warm hearted in a relationship. Not a good judge of character, they often assume their partners to be flawless and are disappointed when their expectations are not met. Their constant search for perfection drives them to deceive for a better more perfect partner. Leonians are also attached to their family and will prioritize their home over anything else.


The first impressions tell you that Leonians are kinky and fun but there is a deep sensuous side to them also. They are lovers of beauty and prefer lavish surrounding candles and all the arty stuff to elevate their senses. They are masters of what they do and will be the best of all. Though, variety is something you have to let go on with Leonians. They like a lot of physical contact, a back massage to start with. They are often satisfying partners.


Leos like to be the ‘sun’ of a relationship while the other partner is the ‘moon’ reflecting their light. Relationship with Leonians are fulfilling as long as they are in charge of the important decisions. Leo and Aquarius make a very compatible match. The other signs that are compatible with Leonians are Libra, Aries, Sagittarius and Gemini


Leonians are great with professions that provide them with the leading position and power. They have a special fondness of the politics and can reach a powerful position in the government. In business, they can do well as a chairman or CEO. Leonians are excellent organizers. Artists born in Leo zodiac usually earn a lot of name and fame in their fields and are remembered for their work.

Celebrities with Same Sun Sign

Napoleon Bonaparte, Neil Armstrong, Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Madonna Ciccone, Jennifer Lopez, Hillary Swank, Kate Beckinsale, kajol, kishore kumar.