Know Your Sun Sign: Aries

Aries (March 21st – April 19th)

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Ruling planet: Mars

Element: Fire

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Color: Red

Star Stone: Diamond

Lucky Numbers: 9 and 1

Lucky Days: Tuesday, Saturday and Fridays.

The young ram that symbolizes Arians is exploratory, enthusiastic, and spontaneous and the same traits are espoused by Arians. Aries are the free-birdly creatures, open to new ideas and innovation with a genuine sense of responsibility. Arians make great leaders with a bona fide concern for their subordinates. However, they may not prove to be good followers as the in-charge spirit comes naturally to these people. At first, an Arian may give you the impression of someone headstrong and self-centered which is not completely deniable except that if they try to employ their energy in the right direction, the results can be wondrous.

Now let’s have a look at your good and not so good traits:


Responsible, innovative, generous, loyal friends, spirited, smart and quick decision makers, optimistic to the core, frank and courageous.

Not so good!

Headstrong, a lil self centered, often dominating and easily aggravated, impatient and at times, frank to the extent of discourtesy.

Love life

As Arians are independent confident personalities, it is quite likely you fall for one easily. The Arian partner likes to take initiative, plan and execute something fabulously to sweep you off your feet. Freedom is like oxygen to Arians and hence jealous is something they’ll never entertain. They form demanding partners and domineering at times. Can be a lot of fun to hang out with and usually have a good impression among their friends. Be careful, if the relationship is not working out, they’ll be the first one to step out.


The spontaneous nature of Arians makes them good in bed. As much as they are likely to start sex, they have demands which their partner must fulfill. It’s not difficult to seduce an Aries man or woman but they are quickly bored too so their partners better not follow the same patterns. Otherwise, Arians are full of energy and vigor and that shows in bed.


Being a fire sign, Arians are mostly attracted towards other fire signs like Leo or Sagittarius. Extremists as they are it may require a lil working up on both sides to reach a concrete compatibility level. The fire/air combination of Aquarius can also prove to a pleasant union. Librans too, share a good compatibility score with the Arians.


Professions related to Army, Defence services, Police and civil services, legal, sports etc.

Celebrity Same Sun

Heath Ledger, Zach Braff, Cobie Smulders, Alex Pettyfer, Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Reese witherspoon .