Know your sun sign: Aquarius

Aquarius (January 20th to February18th)

Ruling planet: Uranus

Element: Air

Color: Azure, sky blue, turquoise

Star Stone: Turquoise

Lucky Numbers: 1, 7, 11

Lucky Days: Wednesday

Aquarians are masters of attractive personalities. They can be introverted, kind and tolerant or lively, high-spirited and cheerful. Both ways they have a deep psychology and can see both sides of a coin. Aquarians are generally found intelligent and coherent. Despite of their magnetic personality Aquarians are slow at making friends. They are judgmental about human nature, mostly right. It is very difficult to deceive and Aquarian for they are very good judges of character. Aquarians usually possess humanitarian inclinations and psychic qualities.

Let’s have a deeper look at the Aquarius zodiac.


They are intelligent, clever and logical. Attractive personality. Good judge of characters, humanitarians and charitable. Inventive and ingenious. Usually turn out to be the trend setters, leadership qualities. Strong determination.

Not so good!

Despite of the warm nature they do not seek friends and relationships. Aloof and detached. Can’t take interference even if positively intended. When angry they become too rude and offensive adopting either silence or sudden outburst.

Love life

Aquarians make generous partners once they get into a relationship. Once they decide that someone is worth their love they are hypnotic in their attractions. They are faithful and caring towards their partners. Though Aquarians are usually disappointed in a relationship coz of their own high expectations and unreasonable demands which don’t get fulfilled every time. If somebody breaks their trust their anger is fierce and they are unforgiving.


Aquarians are full of excitement and new ideas for sex.  They’d love to try new unconventional things. Expect laughs and gigs and silly moves with them. They are not into overly emotional impassionate sex. For them sex is fun and a recreational activity which they enjoy as much as possible.


Aquarians are the most compatible with the strong willed Leo. Other signs that the Aquarians are friendly with are Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarians.


Aquarians have a leadership quality and they can work great in field of science, astronomy, Photography, Radiography, Computers, etc. aviation is also a recommendable field of profession for Aquarians. On the creative side they can perform well in writing, poetry, music, etc. some Aquarians excel in theatre also.

Celebrities with same sun sign

Charles Darwin, Oprah Winfrey, Christian Dior, Elizabeth Banks, Jennifer Aniston, Paris Hilton, Abhishek Bacchan, Preity Zinta.