Know the Step-by-Step Interview Drills Before Applying in a BPO!


A lot of job opportunities in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) in the coming years! So freshers, be prepared to grab this golden opportunity! Working in BPO is fun and you can also make quick money. If you are graduate and interested in making your career in this field, apply soon! Many students relate BPOs just with calling. But, in fact, besides voice-based processes, this industry also recruits candidates for back operations and non-voice processes. However, for applying in Engineering Designs and Research Outsourcing, Technical Support, Finance and Accounting or Human Resource Management, you would require higher educational qualifications, like B.Tech, CA, MCA or MBA. Remember, entering in this industry is not as easy as it seems to be. You will have to go through several interview rounds (which include both verbal and written tests) and clear each round for getting selected.

Here is the description of those tough phases through which you’ll have to undergo.

1. General Aptitude Test


Most of the players in this industry administer GAT (General Aptitude Test) that includes multiple-choice questions on grammar, numerical reasoning, computer (semi-technical/technical) and analytical reasoning. This is the preliminary screening and elimination round.

To evaluate the pronunciation, fluency and voice modulation of the candidate, some companies carry out personal/self introduction rounds before taking GAT. In this round, each candidate has to give his/her introduction.

2. Verbal Test/Group Discussion

Verbal Test

In verbal test, you are allowed to speak freely on any topic. You ought to speak minimum for 3 minutes continuously. However, some companies conduct group discussions in which you are provided with a topic on which you have to discuss with other candidates. The main purpose of this test is to check your comprehension and listening skills, the ability to express your thoughts, accent, rate of speech, and language proficiency.

For outbound and inbound voice-based process jobs for domestic and international markets, recruiters prefer to hire the candidates having a good voice, proficiency in English and understanding of the domain.

3. Telephonic Interview


In this round, you are called by HR person who further calls up Voice and Ascent Trainers. You have to interact with the trainer on phone. Through this, they judge your telephone conversation etiquette.

4. Technical Interview


This round is position-specific. It means, in this round you would be asked questions based on the position you have applied for. For example, if you have applied for the post of Customer Care, you would be asked questions related to customer dealing.

5. HR Round


Finally, an HR round is conducted where the HR Manager of the company takes your interview face-to-face. This round is administered to get your personal details. Tell me something about yourself; why do you want to join this company; what are your hobbies; why we should hire you; etc. are some of the general questions that you’ll have to answer.

Hope, through this article you must have got depth insight of the BPO interview rounds. Prepare to crack it!

Good luck!