Know the Eatables That Cause Headache

Are you a headache sufferer? Is your chronic headache maddening you? To treat headache problem, figuring out what causing it, is important. You can overcome headache or avoid it in the future only if you know headache-triggering factors.

There can be environmental elements, such as heavy perfume or smoke of a cigarette that brings headache to some people. For others, it is a lack of sleep, excessive stress, painful office-pressure, kids-handling or their busy lives that give them HEAD-ATTACK.

Thus, there can be another offender for your head-discomfort….Something that you CONSUME! Some experts viewed that about 30% of headache sufferings occur because of food eaten. Question is, what category of food is it that brings excruciating pain in the head-portion, and why?

1. Caffeine


In some people, caffeine may set off headache, and in others, it is proved a treat for a pain in their head. Both – over and little coffee or  tea triggers a headache problem. When regular coffee drinkers suddenly withdraw the intake of coffee, they suffer from headaches, fluctuating moods and irritable behavior. Consumption up to 300 mg a day is considered safe for regular addicts. Do not overexert it with caffeine if you are a coffee/tea friend. Cut out caffeinated beverages slowly if you want it to quit.

2. Dried Fruits


It is the presence of ‘tyramine’ in dried fruits that give a headache. As the fruits get aged and dried, concentration of tyramine increases in them. Fruits, such as banana, raisins, figs, avocado, red plums and papaya contain a high level of tyramine. The best bet to avoid headache trigger is to eat fresh fruits, like cherries, apples, peaches and apricots.

3. Nuts and Seedsnut-seed

Some people develop a headache from seeds and nuts. Pumpkin seeds, peanut butter, sesame seeds, peanuts and other nuts are headache trigger nuts. Though it is not common, there are only few people to whom nuts bring the pain in the head.

4. Chocolates


Chocolate is another potential headache triggering food. Chocolates are rich in tyramine, which is a headache causing amino acid. The real issue is the amount of chocolate consumed. If you eat chocolates in small, satisfying amount without prompting a headache, then chocolates are not a headache triggering food for you.

5. Alcohol


Alcoholic drinks contain a high level of tyramine and also phytochemicals. When tyramine couples with the phytochemicals, alcohol becomes a massive headache triggering machine. Alcohol also causes dehydration that heightens the pain further.

6. Cheese


Not all cheese cause headache. It is aged cheese (cheddar, brie, blue and provolone) that is linked to the head-pain as it also contains amino acid tyramine, which is as you know a headache trigger. Cottage cheese, cream cheese, and ricotta are okay for using up.

7. Ice-Creams


Does a cone of butterscotch water your mouth? Don’t you scream for ice-creams? Who doesn’t, but, if it is giving you a head attack then moderate your ice-cream consumption. Consuming ice-creams too fast cause a ‘BRAIN-FREEZE’. As a result, a nervous trigger for headache occurs. Therefore, you should eat cold beverages and desserts slowly.

8. Artificial Sweetener

Artificial Sweetener

Several researches have revealed a link between artificial- sweetener and headache. When sensitive people consume artificial sweeteners (containing sucralose or aspartame), pain in the head is triggered to people. It doesn’t happen to everyone. You need to see whether it is a headache trigger for you or not. If it is, we recommend you to use natural sugar despite using artificial sweeteners.

Hold this list of eatables in your hand, plan your diet and keep your head-attack at bay.