Know Benefits and Side Effects of Botox

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Like every other woman, you are also burdened with lots of responsibilities to take care of. No matter, how organized you are; it is really hard for you to take out few moments in a day for yourself, when you can just think about well being of your skin as well as your body. Whether you are a homemaker or a working woman, your preoccupied schedule take a toll on your skin and everything goes for a toss.


Regardless of how much you are loaded with work, you should always take out time, when you can just think about yourself. A woman is highly conscious about her skin and fears even the smallest signs of aging on her skin. She can do anything and everything to combat such signs. You must have tried many over the counter products that claim to control the problem and by far, you might have consumed a number of bottles, but nothing great would have happened even after applying those creams. Actually, those creams are meant to control the superficial signs and that too for a few hours.

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If you seek a little prolonged treatment for aging, then you should go for Botox treatment. I know many of you are aware of what exactly Botox is? But, those, who don’t know, I am going to elaborate it today. I am also going to tell you the benefits and side effects of Botox.

What is Botox?

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Botox is basically a drug that is made by toxin, produced by bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. Surprisingly, it is the same toxin that can cause life threatening food poisoning, called ‘Botulism’. Botox are injected in a persons’ body in a specific area to obtain the desired results. They work by paralyzing or weakening certain body muscles or even by blocking certain nerves. The effect of Botox is said to be last for 4-5 months, depending upon the response of your muscles and nerves to these injections.

Botox has a number of benefits and side effects, which I am going to tell you now.



  • Botox treatment has been reported to correct the problem of crossed eye (strabismus) and blurred vision. It relaxes the eye muscles so that they do not work against each other and this way, it heals them.
  • Botox is a wrinkle rebellion. It has helped many women look younger and beautiful.  Many people are misunderstood over the effects of Botox. There are two types of wrinkles according to motion- static and dynamic. Botox can control only the dynamic wrinkles, like the smile lines and frown lines. They cannot do anything with the static ones. So, all the lines and wrinkles are not faded away by Botox treatments.
  • Botox can control the overactive bladder. Studies have revealed that once you go for a Botox injection for overactive bladder, the effect can last for several months.
  • Besides giving you a beautiful and tight skin, Botox can also be used to control Hyperhidrosis, a condition of excessive sweating in a person. After getting Botox injection, a person can fight off excess sweat in the body for almost 2 years.
  • Women, who get Botox injected in the perineal area, have totally relaxed muscles of the same area. It leads to more pleasurable and enjoyable sex without pain.
  • Some doctors have also used Botox along with other fillers to stop the growth of acne scars on face, and have obtained the fruitful results.
  • Botox can soothe and relax your neck area by relaxing the muscles of this region. However, they cannot correct the sagging areas around the neck.
  • Botox has been reported to relieve a person from painful jaws, as it relaxes the jaw muscles.
  • Some women have reported that Botox acts as a spirit booster, as it uplifts your mood by paralyzing frown lines.



  • It has been also reported that Botox can cause anxiety and depression in a person. Some women have reported the problem of acute anxiety after getting Botox injected in their bodies. However, research is still going on.
  • Since Botox paralyzes your motion wrinkles or dynamic wrinkles, your face becomes less communicative. It is very hard for you to express your emotions via your face, as it makes your smile lines as well as frown lines dead.
  • Botox is reported to alleviate hip, shoulder and knee pain. However, it cures arthritis pain or not, is still questionable and studies are in the process.
  • Since Botox makes your muscles dead or paralyzed, muscles are no longer be able to contract or relax on their own that results in weaker muscles, eventually.

So, these are the pros and cons of Botox treatments. You can go for a Botox treatment for a beautiful and flawless skin and other benefits that it provides. However, for side effects and overall response of Botox on your skin, you should consult your medical practitioner, who will be injecting Botox in your body.