Kitchen: From Cooking to Cleanliness

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If you don’t want to fell ill by accumulating germs and breeding bugs in the kitchen, then you need to be aware of a good kitchen hygiene signs.

Follow the simple steps to stay away of germs and all the diseases, like food poisoning, viral and malaria.


  • Wipe the surface properly, with the help of warm water or antibacterial spray, before and after preparing food.
  • Remove all the stains near by the kitchen pallet.
  • Before your bin overflows, it’s good to empty it. Recycle the glass, cardboard and plastic.
  • Always wash utensils hand in hand.
  • Don’t forget to wash your hands before entering and leaving the kitchen.



  • It’s good to clean your fridge at least once in a month, and wash it with warm water and soap. Rinse and dry the shelves, before putting them inside.
  • At least once in a year, vacuum the fridge cooling elements from it’s back; it will make your fridge work more efficiently.



  • If you see ice building up, start defrosting it. Don’t forget to take out all the items.
  • After the ice melts, put all the shelves back after cleaning it with warm water and soap.



Keep cleaning the oven, whether you use it or not.



Every day, after using the sink, you have to clean it with warm water. If you see dirty marks, which are not going off easily, use bleach to take it off.

It won’t take ages to clean your kitchen. Cleanliness is always important for a healthy lifestyle.