Keep the Hair Sizzling and Shining, While it’s Raining!

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Ah well! The lovely weekend with rains and a hot cup of coffee is all you need to refresh your body and soul. I love rains and the way they beautify everything… the plants look greener, the air fresher, and the sky with somewhat added hint of blue! How I wish I could say the same for my hair! Yeah! The monsoon completely messes up my hair making them good for nothing!! My desperation for good hair in monsoon was pacified by a god-sent angel… well, not literally! Am talking about my cousin who visited me last week. It was a strange mystery to me how she managed to keep her hair so perfect in monsoon, which I made here reveal, after endless pleading and bribing off course!

So here girls, am gonna be your ‘god-sent angel’ blessing you with no more bad hair days in monsoon! No kidding!

How to Take Care:

  • Monsoon air has more moisture and it tends to tangle up your hair and hence you lose a lot of precious strands. Use a wooden comb instead of the regular plastic combs. Brushing is even better but it might not help in settling those knots. So girls have patience and be nice to your hair.
  • Wash your hair properly as your innocent tresses unknowingly attract a lot of dust and oil in monsoons. You may need to spend some more time in the shower conditioning your hair for at least 10 to 15 minutes, but trust me… the juice is gonna be worth the squeeze!
  • Try keeping your hair covered. Getting drenched in the rain is too tempting but it’s equally harmful for your hair. Once in a while when you can’t resist the temptation, make sure to shampoo your hair afterwards.
  • Do not use hair gels and other products on your hair in monsoon. It’s just not the right time to do so as it makes the hair all the more oily. To let them be in their natural condition is the best. Though, you can use a small amount of Leave-In conditioner.
  • Oil your hair at least twice a week. Hot oil therapy is a boon for tresses. All you need is to apply hot oil onto the roots of your hair working it towards the ends and then steam them. For steaming you can wrap your hair in a warm wet towel.

How to Style Them:

  • Messy is the style. Don’t try to smoothen out your hair by straightening rods as it makes the hair weaker. Instead, let your tresses be messy. Now I don’t mean that right out of the bed look. Work up on the waves and settle them a bit. You can use rollers (not the hot rollers). Keep in mind, neat is just not the style for monsoons.
  • You have seen it in movies and you love yourself when you come out of the shower with the wet hair! Don’t you? But never dared to carry that look out… this is the time. Take some water and hair mousse, work up your hair in a ‘wet look’. Make sure they are not dripping wet. You can either let them loose or tie them in a neat wet look ponytail. Well, this is the look which is quite easy to sustain as all you need is ‘chullu bhar paani’!
  • The wet look chignon is all over the runway, among the celebrities and now, on the   streets too. It’s the most easy and less time consuming. You just need to put some argan oil to your hair and pull them back with your fingers into a ponytail. No parting and no need to make it too neat. Once your hair are all tied in the ponytail make a bun of it and stabilize it with bobby pins. Slip a strand or two here and there and you are good to go. Easy yet chic!
  • If you are just not in the mood for any of the wet looks, a side braid is great too! All you need to do is sweep your hair to one side and braid them loosely. This hairstyle goes amazingly well with formals as well as casuals. So be it the day at office or the afterhours, you are ready!

So girls here you are with a few tips to ditch the umbrella and embrace the rains this monsoon!