Kareena’s Size Zero Yoga Secrets Revealed !


From a typical ‘Punjabi Chubby Kudi’ in Refugee to a “Svelte” in Kambaqt Ishq… we all have seen her. She is the trend setter of size zero in Bollywood. You have seen her in the Sony Vaio Ad, walking her way into everyone’s heart. With her ideal zero figure (32, 23, 32), she stimulated many young gals and women to hit the gym. She is the sexiest and stunning diva of Bollywood. Yes, you have guessed it correct! Kareena Kapoor! How did she undergo this transformation? The answer to this is “YOGA.”  Her fitness trainer Rujuta reveals that “A judicious mixture of diet at 70% and exercises at 30% is her secret to size zero.” Kareena’s fitness trainer reveals her yoga secrets to have a fit body like her.

Rutuja says…

Kareena’s daily work out consist of these Asanas –

NAUKASANA (For Lower Abs)

The literary meaning of nauka in Sanskrit is boat. All you have to do is lie down flat over ground. Raise your hands and legs just above you.  Hold your breath for few seconds and return back. Since this asana resembles like a boat it is termed as NAUKASANA.

SURYA NAMASKAR (Salute to the Sun)


“It was a must for Kareena to do 50 Surya Namaskars in one session. Sometimes, she would do 100 with variations.” She further adds, “She had to hold a posture for 25-30 seconds and do repetitions depending on her endurance, energy and stamina levels.” So all the young gals who aspire to become like Bebo, lace up for Suraya Namanskar early morning.


The literary meaning of bhujanga means cobra. This posture improves your sitting position as well as tones up your buttocks and legs. Lie over your knees and breathe in and out. This asana will not only improve your blood circulation but also will help in a healthy kidney function.

VIRABHADRA (For Entire Body)

Also known as the warriors pose. This is the secret to Kareena’s heart shaped butt. The asana improves your over all blood circulation as well as strengthens respiratory system. It tones the entire body from front – back. Also eliminates back pain.

Anuloma Viloma Pranayam (Breathe In and Out)

The entire nation is swept away by Baba Ramdev’s Anuloma – Viloma… including Bebo!! The practice of breathing in and out emits flow of energy and brings relaxation in the body. Kareena does it religiously every morning around 50 times.

My message to all the young ladies who aspire to have zero figure -“Only dogs go for bones… Indian men go for curves!!

Stay healthy… eat healthy and practice yoga!!