7 Trendy Jumbo Lemonade Braided Hairstyles to Try

Jumbo lemonade braids have been a thing for quite a while, but since Beyonce debuted this hairstyle on her ‘Lemonade’ video, they went viral. Although the signature way to do the braids is with a dramatic side part, these days there are so many variations that include a middle part, mixing different sizes, topknots, buns and more. Take a peek at the cute styles below before you make a decision.


Classy Lemonade Jumbo Braids Styles

These are the classic big lemonade braided hairdos that are trending among women.

1. Lemonade Braided Bun

jumbo lemonade braided top bun

This is one of those hairdos that escape the pattern and feature a middle part, instead of a side one.

Ideal for: If you prefer updos and also want a unique color, this is the hairstyle you should be looking at.

How to Style: The lemonade style jumbo braids are separated with mini cornrows and taken up in a high bun.


2. Vibrant Large Lemonade Braids with Ties

jumbo lemonade braids

These major side braids are upgraded even more with so many gorgeous colorful hair ties.

Ideal for: Great for when you really want to dress up your hairstyle. Use these accessories for a night out or a casual and sporty look.

How to Style: Make the lemonade braids big and you won’t be sorry.

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3. Wakanda-Inspired Jumbo Braids

Wakanda Inspired Jumbo Lemonade Braids

Ever since Black Panther came out, everyone wants a Wakanda-inspired hairstyle. You can include jumbo lemonade braids in yours as well.

Ideal for: It is ideal for younger kids who are in love with the movie.

How to Style: Do a topknot and leave one loop in the front.


4. Jumbo Braids with A Middle Part

black woman with jumbo lemonade braids

Go for a middle part with the jumbo braids, especially if this is your first time getting them.

Ideal for: Perfect for beginners because it’s a simpler hairdo which helps women get used to the look.

How to Style: Opt for a middle part and large lemonade braids.


5. All In One Braid Hairdo

jumbo lemonade braids hairstyles

Mixing different sizes of braids is always fun.

Ideal for: Great for gals who always choose unique hairdos.

How to Style: Do one small lemonade braid as a middle part and arrange the jumbo and micro ones around it.


6. Braided Ponytail

jumbo lemonade braided ponytail

Who doesn’t love a braided pony?

Ideal for: This is one of the best ideas because your hair won’t get in the way, but it will feature big lemonade braids at the same time.

How to Style: When doing the braids, take them up in a high pony.

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7. Braids with Accessories

funky jumbo lemonade braids

This is the classic version of the lemonade braids but in a much larger size. They are separated with smaller ones, to make it even more interesting. The gold accessories are the highlight of the mane.

Ideal for: Perfect for special occasions.

How to Style: Take the gold accessories out and you will feel like a goddess.


Jumbo lemonade braids are the most alluring type of braids that you’ve ever seen. Everyone is impressed with their size and the gorgeous look of these braids. Whichever style you choose from the list above, you will be the coolest one around.