Journey of a ‘Stay-at-Home Mom’ to ‘Mom Entrepreneur’

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Want to start your career? Then what are your thinking for? Oh…you are a mom and have to look after your kids. So, don’t want to go outside? Okay….! Why don’t you consider working from home? This way, you can look after your children and earn handsome income, simultaneously.

Here are some ideas to begin your career from your home. These ideas are simple and do not require too much investment.

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1. Catering


Is cooking your passion? Did you get plenty of compliments from your friends and relatives for the dishes prepared by you? If so, convert your passion into a profession. Catering is the most economic home business. Once your business gets a set-up, you can spin a lot of money.

2. Event Planner


In present scenario, people have no time to plan and tackle events (like, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, product launches, fashion shows, etc.) themselves. So, they hire event planners. If you are good at coordination skills and possess creativity, then this profession is for you.

3. Hobby/Art Classes


You can run art center at your home. Parents enroll their children for several short term courses, like dance, cooking, painting, embroidery, drawing, etc. Along with teaching children, you can perk up your art skills too.

4. Babysitting


Love to take care of kids? If yes, opt for babysitting. Take care of other’s child along with your own children. Through this business, you can make a difference in the lives of children and earn lucrative income at the same time.

5. Boutique



Do you love weaving, embroidery, knitting, and stitching? Start a boutique at your home and use your fashion designing skills. You can design the apparel and prepare handmade accessories. There is a vast market for these items.

6. Consultancy

Portrait Of An Happy Businesswoman At The Office

Depending on your choice, you can set-up legal, financial, management, marketing, or recruitment consulting firms at your home. Entry level cost to start this business is very less. It means you can earn more profit in less investment.

7. Beauty Salon


There is a great demand of cosmetology services. Everyone wants to look different and beautiful on special occasions and festivals. If you have skills for facials, hair removal, hair cut, tanning, etc., you can start your own beauty salon.

Come out from your usual routine- gossip, movies, and kitchen. Show your concealed talent to the world!