Is Your Workplace Really Safe?

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On 17th September, 2012 the Bombay High Court upheld the death sentence to two criminals: Purushottam Borate (cab-driver) and Pradeep Yashwant Kokade (Borate’s friend) for kidnapping, gang rape and murder of BPO employee, Jyotikumari, in 2007 in Pune. Jyotikumari was basically from Gorakhpur and she used to work in night shifts. The heinous incident took place on November 1, 2007 around 10 pm.

This is not just one incident; there are many incidents that force us to rethink and reconsider about the safety of women, working in odd hours. In many industries, late night working has become expedient. Working late hours in office creates security pester for women.


Before accepting any job, check whether the company follows the given safety measures and policies?

1. Is your office located in secured area?

2.   Is there any security guard in your office?

3. Does the company provide transport/cab facility to pick and drop you from residence (especially in night shifts)?

4. Does a guard always escort you in cab post 8:00pm?

5. Does your company organize self-defence workshops for female employees?

On your part, you can follow the given below safety measures:

1. If you are availing office cab facility, you should not be the first pick up or the last drop.

2. Either a male colleague or a security guard from your office should accompany you.

3. Always keep emergency contact numbers with you.

4. Never indulge in talking on your mobile phones for long time, while travelling. Keep a check on whether the cab driver is taking you through the right way.

5. While travelling, don’t discuss your financial and personal matters loudly.

6. If you travel alone by your own car, lock the doors and roll up the windows. Don’t give lift to hitchhikers.

7. Carry a pepper spray with you in your purse.

“I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning to sail my ship.”
Louisa May Alcott

Have courage! Don’t get afraid of these incidents. Follow safety measures.