Is Your Teen Getting Addicted to the Cell Phone?

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Okay! So you are an open-minded parent and you don’t want to act like a paranoid just because your teen is using a personal mobile phone. But you are a parent afterall and you just can’t stop being watchful when it comes to your 6teen year old! Right?

Recognize the Wake Up Alarm

They do look naive as ever, yet, you wouldn’t want them to get addicted to cell phones so soon! Do you? If you find your teenager doing any of these, you need to worry!

  • When he/she keeps her phone out of your reach at all times and runs like the world is on fire to get it when you accidently pick their cell phone.
  • When he/she carries the cell phone along to the bathroom.
  • When you spot them using the phone under the blanket at midnight.
  • When he/she keeps the phone on silent or vibrate mode at all times.
  • When he/she is constantly engrossed in texting or playing game on the mobile.
  • When the mobile phone becomes the last thing they see at night and the first thing as soon as they wake up.

Does this ring a bell in your mind? If not, it should! Cellphone addiction is becoming very common among teenagers these days, which occupies not only their time but their minds and their whole routine.

Ways to Minimize Your Teen’s Cell-phone Obsession

Here is what you can do to keep your teen from mobile addiction.

  • Be reasonable. You can tell them the social and physical consequences of mobile phones. They should know that if you are telling them to cut off the use of cell phone, it’s because you care for them and not coz you are suspicious.
  • Discourage the use of multimedia phones. Multimedia phones come with a lot of social networking and messaging apps which can easily consume the whole day of your teen so talk to them and tell them that it’s just a utility and not an entertainment package.
  • Make simple rules, like no calls or texts after 8 p.m coz its family time. Make it a habit to switch off the phone before going to bed and don’t let them take the phone to the bed.
  • Talk to them. Teenagers are the biggest chatterboxes if only they find the right company. Talk to them about their friends, school, teachers, sports, etc., tell them your teenage stories. Your child should feel free enough to talk to you about anything.
  • Keep a check on their activities. If they use a multimedia phone. Check the browsing history once in a while. It’s always the best to know what your child is up to, so that you can handle matters before they run out of hand.
  • Keep a check on the mobile bills. Set an upper limit for the money to be spent on monthly recharges.