Is Your Lifestyle Pushing You towards Cancer?

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Is it possible to escape cancer? Well, decades of study and research says that the chances of developing cancer stemmed from the miscellany of human genes and their environment. In addition to this, there are also certain aspects of life which causes cancer. Many of these aspects can be controlled to fight against cancer. Incorporate healthy behaviors into your daily life to make a big difference.

Here, we bring 13 important lifestyle factors that cause cancer-

1. Overweight


Obesity is one of the biggest causes of cancer. People are unaware of the fact that their weight could pull them towards the deadly disease, cancer.

2. Alcohol


High consumption of alcohol increases the risk of having cancer. The more you will cut down alcohol intake, the lesser the risk of cancer.

3. Tobacco

Smoking Kills

Smoking or tobacco chewing is again a major cause of cancer among youngsters.

4. Supplements from Fruits


Fruits and vegetable provide you minerals, vitamins and fiber. It is better you take these nutrients directly from fruits and vegetables rather than depending on supplements for desired nutrients. Supplements do not lessen the cancer risk.

5. Hormone Replacement Therapy


This therapy is effective and common for treating menopausal symptoms. But, it increases the risk of developing cancer risk in women. So, before you consider taking or stopping HRT, it is better you consult your doctor first.

6. Not Breastfeeding


Women who do not breastfeed their babies are more prone to cancer (Breast Cancer). To reduce the risk, it is recommended to continue the breast feeding for minimum 6 months.

7. Occupation


Chemicals and practices you’re exposed to in your occupation may enhance the chances of developing cancer. Talk to your manager, if your workplace environment bothers you.

8. Sunlight


Ultraviolet rays released from the sun are harmful and the common cause of skin cancers.  So, avoid too much direct exposure to sunrays or sunlight.

9. Radiation


Whether it is the radiation from the space or earth- we are exposed to these radiations all the time. But, sometimes we get opened to higher doses – such as radiotherapy, X-rays or travelling by airplane. Such high exposure is harmful for human body.

10. Red and Processed Meat


Controlled consumption of these meats don’t have a major effect on cancer danger.  So, limit your meat intake to avoid its harmful effects on your health.

11. Physical Activity


By being active and agile, you can lower the cancer risk, besides keeping a healthy weight. For this, you don’t have to be in the gym for hours in a day- moderate activity of about 30 mins everyday or five days a week will benefit you.

12. Fiber

fiber rich foods

Fiber rich diet fastens food going down through the digestive system and water down waste food- thus reducing the bowl cancer risk.

13. Salt

woman-use-salt-in food

If you intake salt in excessive quantity, you need to be careful because it increases the chances of having stomach cancer.

By making small changes in your routine life, you can minimize the threat of serious health problems and enjoy long healthy living– observe what you eat, give up smoking, watch your weight and exercise regularly.