Is Your Colleague’s Salary Influencing Your Happiness?

Do you know the biggest secret, which when unravelled, could make you disgruntled at the workplace? No…..! Well, it’s the salary of your colleague! If your co-worker earns less or equal to you, then you are happy. But, when his/her salary is higher than yours, then…..??? Obviously, it dampens your spirits, and you begin to lose your interest in the work, and behave differently with the colleagues (those earning more than you).

Disclosing or discussing about your salary with colleagues is against the organizational policy. Despite of this, we tend to discuss it. We all work to earn a good income. But, is it wise to make yourself upset by comparing your salary with others? Will it not affect your performance? While you are working without interest (after comparison), your colleague is working with zeal. Do you know what will be its result? During the performance appraisal, your colleague would get a good salary hike than you and, you once again would get discontented. So, instead of demoralising yourself, improve your performance, so that management itself will offer you a hike.


Before comparing your income with other workmates, keep in mind the following points:

1. A Lot of Factors Determines the Salary

Salary depends on various factors, like training or certification possessed, qualification, experience, background and skills set. Many times, it might depend on your negotiation skills at the time of joining.

2. Is Your Performance Up To the Mark?

Sometimes, your performance is not as per management’s expectation. In this case, you should go and ask your immediate boss about your downsides and ways to improve them.

3. Are You a Hard or a Smart Worker?

If you use physical efforts more than your mental efforts, you are a hard worker. But, if you give preference to mental ability rather than your physical ability, you are a smart worker. Generally, smart workers earn a good salary. So, be SMARTER!

4. How Dedicated You Are Towards Your Organization?

One factor that determines your salary is your loyalty, dedication and sincerity towards your work and company. The more you contribute to your company’s success and profit, the more salary hike you will get.

Talk to your boss for a salary hike with the evidence of your achievements and not by comparing, “Mr. X and I do the same work, but he is paid more than me. So, I want a hike.”

Best of luck!