Is your Child Lagging behind in Academics Coz of Hygiene Reasons?

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A study by Indian Medical Academy has proved that children with poor sanitation are more prone to poor academic performance than the ones who are healthy.

The study was conducted on 500 parents and 540 doctors across Chennai, Kolkata,Delhiand Mumbai. There were two groups A and B that was formed between students. Group A consisted of students with their attendance and academics over 80 percent. The other group formed of students with the same below 80 percent.

The research found that in group A, 37 percent students had healthy diet, 67 percent washed their hands regularly and 88 percent bathed daily. The other group i.e. group B had 18 percent children with a healthy diet, 37 percent washed hands regularly and only 53 percent bathed daily. The research clearly states that children with healthy diet and hygiene habits tend to perform better in academics than other students.

Dr. Sanjeev Bagai, a senior paediatrician and member of the Indian Medical Council says that most of the kids are not taught basic hygiene properly, and Indian parents have this tendency not to prioritize hygiene in daily life. He states the reason behind the poor academic performance “Infections lead to absenteeism, and the learning process suffers as a result. Infections also lead to malabsorption of nutrients causing malnutrition, which in turn results in growth and cognitive impairments,”

Now that, you know how important hygiene is for the progress of your child, lets incorporate some basic hygiene practices in everyday life.

  • Wash hands with soap or sanitizer before and after meals.
  • Brushing teeth twice every day.
  • Floss and scraping tongue on a daily basis.
  • Daily bath and washing the genitals.
  • Washing hands and genitals after using the toilet.
  • Regular cleaning of hair, nose, ear, and nails.
  • Changing sheets once every week
  • Wearing clean clothes and not wearing the sweaty uniforms again without washing.