Is She Glued to Your bf 24-7? Know the Rule of Three

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You are dining out with your boyfriend at your favorite restaurant, and suddenly, a gal calls out your boyfriend in a pitch tone “hi!”; a few seconds later, you are forced to shift to the corner or other side of the sofa as this best pal of your boyfriend joins you for dinner.  There is plenty of space next to her, and yet, this gal needs to glue to him.

WTF! That’s all your mind can think of. Isn’t this frustrating? On top of that, she gives him a breath crushing hug, with her breasts touching his chest (like the honey spread on toast)!

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Well, it’s miserable, sad, and annoying. But, unfortunately, you cannot do anything about it. Why? COZ she is your boyfriends best gal friend, and they have known each other earlier than you came in the picture (that’s what you ought to believe).

Do You Dislike Your Boyfriend’s Best Girly Friend?


Now, if you wonder about this question, that’s very silly of you! Of course, you can’t stand her. Each time she turns your boyfriend’s antennae on, she would pop the annoying questions like, “Hey, do you know when he had peed in his pants, for the first time in school?”

I know you really are not bothered to know his age and standard of peeing in his pants. He may not have told you ever about this secret; maybe he also has forgotten about it. But, this gal recalls it and spills the secret to you! You seem to be sitting like a fool in between both of them. Isn’t that true?

Does Your Boyfriend’s Best Girly Friend Hate You?


No way! She admires you. She is happy for her best friend. Yes, she very well knows the fact that you get green-eyed when she is around your boy friend. You see that she loves to see your red face, each time she gives him a hug.  Many a times, she may come in the middle of your love making session, through her continuous miss calls. If she figures out what you guys were up to, she may even ask filthy questions to your boyfriend, just coz she wants to project, how easy it is to approach your boyfriend. It’s annoying for you to see her behaving like a nanny, asking him about his favorite position and stamina (which is not so nanny material)!  So, you have to believe the fact that she has got a strong hold on your man!

What’s Your Man’s Say?


“Hey! Sweetie”, “she is just a good friend of mine. Why are you behaving like an abnormal?” How many strands of your hair you have plucked out, after hearing this statement?

Unfortunately, nothing is going to be changed, neither his behavior nor his best girl friend!  But the tricky part is they may have got intimated with each other, at a point of life (before you came in the picture) coz no gal friend gets so flirty until there is a dot of chemistry.

Who is Happy and Who is Sad?


Your man is happy; she is happy; why aren’t you happy? Life is a bitch, and your man can be a life-sized bitch, with lots of puppies by his side. Why do you have to ponder about this shit so much?

Next time, if you figure out that your boyfriend’s best gal friend petting him in the public, then either dump him or create a barrier for her, by reading my article.