Is Peer Pressure or Parent’s Ignorance the Real Reason for Our Spoiled Teens?

‘Peer Pressure’! The word sucks. Truly it sucks so much, that our entire imminent generation is baffled where they are going in real, even though consciously, what they are doing is off beam. Yes, we agree that peer pressure with its positive effects does exist, but where are the signs then? Are we getting it via newspapers or television? You watch reality crime shows collecting the highest TRPs! What may be the justification behind it?

Let’s forget about televisions or newspapers, surf at your domiciles simply. You might have observed that your kids are seeking your consent for a night bash, a disc party, or maybe for a night ride in this lil age. If you stop them from going to parties, then they start to question your discretion.

If you understand what is required at this moment, then it’s time to sit and have a healthy chat with your broods. Get back to your era and memorize, when you were in school or in college, you might have undergone the same phase. It will make a lot more easier to recall things and explicate it in a better way.

Before the discussion, you must know who form the ‘peer group’. Your  child spot them on a daily basis, he thrashes out parallel issues with them,he takes them as thoughtful, and kids uncover soothe in their company.They are the buddies in college or the friends your kids hang out with. However, this do not connotes them to be the best source to rely on. Moreover, youngsters still pick up to get tip offs from their peers more willingly than anybody else.

How and why this Peer Pressure takes place?

Well, not everyone is to be blamed for this. A whole lot is responsible, Yes….I am counting you and me too. Kids, who step towards puberty, are fond of spending a great deal of time with their acquaintances; hence it cuts off the time set with the family. That is how, you get to know varied new things from them before the right time arrives.Without knowing where to land the plane, they just want to constantly fly on it when their curiosity reaches to its peak.

Parents sometimes don’t have sufficient time to understand the mental expansion of their adolescents. It has been surveyed that most of the kids do home work or study, out of mere compulsion since their parents lay an immense stress of competition on them. Parents themselves are a victim of this malevolence. They certainly want to brag about their kids successful stories to their neighbors and friends. At least, when their acquaintances would be singing their child’s praises.And, this is not a healthy exercise of your child’s psychological needs.Parents must be patient enough with their kids and understand their hearts at first.

We, as parents, are so much bound with the social canons that we forget to get the knack of our child’s mind, which lead to the explosion of all the anger bottled up in a child.As a result, the poor teenager yearns to get free from all the shackles of rules and regulations, as soon as possible. But, do we all even realize that being a parent, we all are making mistakes to push our children to get superior scores or otherwise, the entire society will suck their brains. He / She has to prevail the competition or else what will be the  response given to our neighbors/relatives. Comparison is what will put your child’s grade off. Its time for parents to know your child’s mind.

On other grounds, some kids quit into the ‘peer pressure’ as they would not like to be separated  from their cluster of friends.They consider it to be a pride game.Teens being poignant as their brains not being wholly matured, they at times leave all their sensibility and acumen at the back burner. The urge to get acceptance, admiration, blend in well becomes so crucial in these days, that it gets hard for them to make out where to draw the line.

As mentioned earlier, kids who get dumped by their peers or feel lonesome in their families are more expected to hook up to hazardous actions.

A lot have been written about this, a lot have been taught about this, but why it still remains unnoticed is beyond our conception. A number of teens crime contraventions are still heard. They are under the bad influence to get drugs and alcohol addictions, teenage-assaults, rash and drunk driving, and so on.

If we, as parents, are alarmed about our teens, then it’s time to take some solemn action, and get them out of this influential virus. To explore the steps for its deterrence, read onto our next piece on the same issue.