Is Madhubala Going to Take Divorce from Superstar RK?

Indian television shows, without a twist, is just like a pizza without cheese – flavorless and dull. Similarly, if we do not get to see those twists and curves in our favorite Indian shows, we tend to get bore from that show. Indian TV shows often come up with quirky twists, and the ones, you can’t get to see in any other television industry of the world.


Similarly, creative heads and makers of one of the highest rated television shows – Madhubala, are going to come up with something wacky and exciting. The show has witnessed so many twists in the past, and now, it is all set to add one more to the existing ones.


In recent episodes, we witnessed how Sultan faked about his death to send RK behind bars. Now that RK is behind the bars, Sultan is back and revealed the whole game planning to Madhubala. Hearing his story, Madhu tells him that as now, he is alive; she can save RK without any hassles, by presenting certain evidences in the courtroom. Sultan stays calm on hearing this and tells Madhu that she is the only one, who knows that Sultan is alive, and no one is going to trust her.

There comes the real twist of the show, where Sultan puts forth Madhubala a situation to save RK. He asks Madhubala to file a divorce against RK and get married to him, as he loves her so much. Sources have revealed that Madhu will get agreed to Sultan’s condition, and will file a divorce against her husband in order to save RK.


Hearing such reports, we are pretty sure that one can expect high dose of drama in the show. The show has been doing tremendously well on screen, and people quite like Vivian (RK) and Drashti (Madhu) as a couple on-screen. The show touched high TRPs with the recent arrest of RK, and makers are pretty sure of higher TRPs with this twist in the row.