Is Cosmetic Surgery Good for Me?

Can you notice the change? Of course, you can. This wonder is a result of a cosmetic surgery. Now-a-days, millions of people- both female and male choose to undergo the surgery to improve their physical appearances.  There was a time when the surgery was majorly done for medical reasons, like restoring facial features post an accident. But today, it’s mostly for aesthetic reasons. It is the quest for ‘PERFECTION’ in modern society that is making a ‘Cosmetic Surgery’ to emerge as a champion.

Cosmetic surgery offers- beauty, vigor and youth, which are aspirations of the modern youth; thus hard to ignore.  Many celebrities resort to cosmetic surgeries to wear good looks and enrich their youthfulness. The mindset to ‘look good’ at all costs is affecting the youth to a greater extent. Modern people perceive cosmetic surgery, a science that enhances the beauty of people. They think, through surgery they can alter their looks to whatever they desire. Among these, there are such people as well who consider it a highly risky option that has got many sides -effects and cause diseases like heart-attack. Now, the question arises – Is it safe? Can surgeon be trusted? Does surgery give desired results?

Let’s learn the pros and cons of the cosmetic surgery before answering above questions.


Cosmetic surgery is a blessing if you are born with a birth-defect (like cleft palate) or victim of a dangerous accident that has deformed you. It can restore your physical appearance to what it should have been or was. It blesses you to lead a normal life, free from defects or without abnormal looks.


You might be conscientious about your physical appearance, so much so that it is affecting you at a psychological level, impacting your health and routine life. If your physical appearance is bothering you to this level, then you definitely need a change. With a cosmetic surgery coupled with a desired counseling, one can get back one’s lost confidence and self-esteem required to work and live in this competitive world.

Realizing the benefits that a cosmetic surgery offers, it is essential to examine the downsides (cons) of it too. Let’s discover them.


Cost is one of the major obstacles that you should consider before undergoing cosmetic surgery. The procedure of surgery is not at all cheaper and the cost it involves depends on the procedure. For instance, removing just a mole costs less than having a complete surgical facelift.

Also, medical insurance does not cover the expense of cosmetic procedures. It means the burden of paying the entire cost of surgery lies on you. Unfortunately! Some insurance compensation is available if there is a medical -reason for a surgery.

It will cost you further as you’ve to take time off from work to recover. In some cases, recovery period goes for about six months.

Unrealistic Expectations

Cosmetic surgery does not always produce the desired results. The outcome may not be what you have expected to get. Well, the problem is expectation, not the surgical skills of a surgeon. People expect unrealistic results from the surgery, like surgery will resolve their dating problems or give them film-star looks. As a result what they get in the end is disappointment- A Big Disappointment! An only way out  is to consult your surgeon and get realistic ideas about the end result of the surgery before getting under the knife.


Cosmetic surgery is after all a surgery only; hence involves complications like any other surgery/operation involves. There is a risk of developing health problems like hemorrhaging or reactions to anesthesia as a result of the surgery. Pain is another major drawback of it.

Since, cosmetic surgery is a medical procedure; it does carry obstacles and risks that can’t be ignored and you must consider them seriously before going under the surgical knife. Weigh the risks and benefits and then only decide whether you are heading towards the right choice.