Interview Checklist : What to Carry and What Not

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Arriving for an interview…!! All the best! But, what is this? You are going empty handed? Wait…don’t go like this! Here is the checklist of the things which you should carry for an interview.

Carry the Following

  • Copies of Resume and Credentials

Keep extra copies of resume in your portfolio, so that you can serve it on request. Also, it becomes easy to fill the job application form with the help of resume. Don’t forget to put 2 or 3 copies of training and experience certificates, school certificates and other important credentials.

  • Directions

If you are going to a new city for the interview, it becomes difficult to relocate the venue. As you have to reach the interview venue on time, keep the address and directions of the interview location in your portfolio.

  • Identity Card

Sometimes, the security guard outside the company doesn’t allow you to enter inside without showing your identity card. The card is also used to fill the job application form. So, put driving license, voter ID card or some other identity proof in your briefcase.

  • Pen and Notepad

Carry your pen and notepad with you, instead of scrounging it from others. You require pen to fill the application form. You can note down the important information about the organization and the details of the key personnel in the notepad.

  • Details of Contact Person

How awkward it is when after reaching the interview venue, you forget the name of the contact person? To avoid such thwarting situation, keep the details (name, designation and phone number) of the contact person in your case.

  • List of References

The recruitment manager may ask you to provide references for attesting your abilities. So, carry list of references with you. Incorporate the contact information of at least 3 professionals.

  • Sample Reference List

Here’s what to include –

  1. Name of the professional
  2. Designation
  3. Company name
  4. Name of the city and state
  5. Phone, Cell Phone
  6. Email ID
  • Work Samples

Bring the work samples you have done in the past, if you are going for the interview for the post of Graphic Designer or some other creative position. If you don’t have hard copy, carry your laptop or iPad.

  • List of Questions to Ask

Your interviewer will surely ask you, if you have any question for him/her. So, be prepared with the list of questions.

Don’t Carry the Following

Avoid carrying the following things in the interview:

  • Cell phone (If you are carrying your cell phone, it should be switched off)
  • Soda or coffee
  • Gum
  • Pet
  • Food
  • Ipods and laptops (If you have no work samples in it)

Check your portfolio before leaving your home for the interview and don’t forget to put the essentials…!