In the Age of Smart Phones Arrives an Anti-Smartphone

Remember the time when phones were phones! Just an instrument to make or receive calls with a person you can’t have an actual in-flesh conversation with. How about returning to that era in a modern mobile avatar? I’m in!

So well here’s a phone labelled to be suitable for technophobes and elderly people. John’s phone is a phone by a company in Netherlands which only allows you to make and receive calls. The address book function is present but in a much underrated avatar. The phone comes with a paper pad and pen inbuilt in the back of the device. It has a 0 to 9 keypad apart from the asterisk and hash buttons. Caller id is supported through a simple LCD block on the top and it can store up to 10 numbers for speed dials.

The phone has been receiving much attention and has also been incorporated in the permanent collection at the new museum of ideas and inventions, Barcelona! So what say? Getting back to an old idea makes the recipe of a new one? Pretty cool!