Images: India Protesting Against Delhi Gang-rape

1. We  all are there with you. You are not alone !

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2. So what if I am a girl?  I have the right to shout, right to be angry, right to protest, right to speak my mind !

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3. Why are you telling us what to wear, go and teach you sons how to behave with women first !

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4. I will speak to the president today, and I will see who stops me today. The constitution of my country has given me the right to speak, right? Then, why am I being stopped? 

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5. Candle  light march for showing our rage towards the system and getting ‘the girl’ rightful justice- Why are we NOT SAFE in our OWN CITY, or OWN COUNTRY?  

Image source: thehindu

6.  We now want a firm security act ! This could have happened to any one of us! Dear government, are you listening?

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7.  No one has got the damn right to rape us ! We won’t sit quite now, we are the women of New India, the Vigilant India !

8. Hang the Rapers to Death ! No mercy for the ruthless monsters !

9. We won’t back out, no matter what happens ! 

10. Our daughters, sisters,  mothers are not safe !  How can we sit quite when every 22 minutes there is a rape case in this country,  where woman is worshiped as goddess?