Hungry Dead Woman Came to Life to Cook! Wanna Grab a Bite?

Li Xiufeng is most thankful to the Chinese tradition of keeping the coffin and dead body at the home for several days before funeral! 95 year old Xiufeng sent shivers down everybody in the village by coming back to life after 6 days of death. Mr. Qingwang, a neighbor was taking care of Xiufeng for she suffered some head injury. The other day he came to wake her up but she did not react so he checked her breathing and found that she wasn’t breathing too.  Mr. Qingwang and his son preapared for her funeral which involves keeping the body in the coffin for a few days and hence she was laid in the coffin on Feb. 19 for her funeral which was planned on Feb. 24th.

Now, a day before the funeral, Mr. Qingwang came to check and was petrified by finding the coffin empty. After extensive searching for the corpse by all the villagers, Li Xiufeng was found cooking in her kitchen. When asked she naively said “I slept for a very long time and was very hungry so I pushed the lid and came out to get some food.” The county hospital reports that Mrs. Xiufeng has gone through an artificial death in which the breathing stops but the body remains warm and the person comes back to life anytime. While the Chinese tradition saved her life, another tradition of burning all the belongings of the dead is something Mrs. Xiufeng can’t stop cursing. (Wonder if Mrs. Xiufeng is still friends with Mr. Qingwang and vice versa)

Thinking, we Indians should also adopt the Chinese tradition, for I don’t know how many “artificially dead” people have been burnt and smoked their way to glory as of yet!