Human Barbie Doll: Mystery Resolved!

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Internet sensation Valeria Lukyanova also known as the human Barbie has yet again proved that beauty has reached some impossible standards! Impossible and bizarre!

So who is human Barbie?

Valeria Lukyanova from Russia emerged as a YouTube sensation, her videos have been viewed for over 4 million times. She claims that her Barbie identical features are a result of genetics, makeup and god’s special gift for her. We doubt that and so does the numerous brainy internet folks. claims she has been photoshopping her pictures and fooling people. Experts say that this envious hourglass figure and porcelain skin is a result of extreme cosmetic surgery. However Valeria denies any such call and her spokesperson tells us that she has only had breast enhancement and no other surgeries.

Recently Valeria’s after and before surgery pictures have been going viral on the internet. The pictures make it quite clear that her supposedly natural gifts are not even close to nature. Nature is not that mysterious, after all! Also her recent video that explains her ever-tilted neck with dumb fragility explanations shows a very different Valeria than what we see in her pictures. But unfortunately, Youtube has deleted her account from which the video was posted.

Watch the Video Where Valerie is Doing her Make-up :

Here are the Pictures:

And what next?

After the surfacing of this very convincing human Barbie doll, Ukraine is undergoing a disturbing Barbie trend! Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, Leading Facial Plastic Surgeon and Professor at Boston University, says that he has been getting requests from patients to have doll-like features. Her recent pictures shot by V magazine makes her look shockingly plastic and it won’t be surprising if the images were retouched. After all, pictures appearing on magazines are not new to retouching and faking!

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Lukyanova admits to V magazine that she does play along with people’s perception of hers. In her blog post she writes about her Barbie alter-ego “”I sometimes think that our collaboration has exhausted itself, and I have to let her go. I don’t want to do it. I feel incredibly sad. She’s the only one who’s been with me all this time and has not left me but I feel that she will soon go away.”

So what do we say now? Barbie, inhuman and insane!!!