How To Wear Your Boyfriends Clothes

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It’s cute to try on your boyfriend’s clothes at times. But, it isn’t a cakewalk for sure. It can make your appearance shabby, and there’s a far fetched chance of looking like a wannabe. But despite all of it, we cannot help, but drown ourselves in those loose long t-shirts, those sexy shirts that still hold his lingering smell mixed with his favorite cologne and sweat, and those heavy jackets and jumpers that make us feel cosy and protected.

Here’s how to ace the look, such that his outfits look better on you more than they suit him, and he cannot help, but envy you for being fashion’s royalty.

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Embrace Oversize


Pick your guy’s loose sweater or jumper, and team it up with your skinny jeans or leggings.  The baggy appearance will balance all types of fitted lowers. Plus, if you go overboard with too fitted clothes, you wouldn’t be pleased to notice those extra pounds, after a long night spending on heavy drinking or in the morning or binge eating. The extra benefit is that a baggy top will make you look slim, brownie points!

Create a Pretty Dress


Here is a fun way of wearing your boyfriends’ everyday shirt and turn it into a sexy tunic. What you have to do is just unfasten the top buttons and wrap the collar around your neck. The front must form a sweetheart neckline. Now, wrap the two arms in the shape of a bow in the front. You are all set to look adorable.

Flaunt a Fedora


So, you spent the night at your boyfriend’s apartment, but have an early morning class to attend. And, your hair looks like a mess. Well, the fedora is here to fight your bad hair days on your behalf. Don’t expect pretty pins or large bows at his place, but you can sure find the chic fedora in his closet. Very stylish, very uber.

His white t-shirt, your jewellery


The easiest way to make use of your guy’s clothes is to put on his white t-shirt and pair it with your leggings, jeggings, jeans or shorts. Now, throw in your classy, over sized jewellery and you are all good to go. The subtle ensemble will get a wonderful makeover, all thanks to the right accessories and a dash of makeup.

The Zip Up Hoodie


There are two ways to wear your boyfriends hoodie. The first would be to do it the way you’ve done his shirt (the adorable bow dress), and the second is to tuck in the ends in a knot in order to show off your hot belly or expose a sexy tank top beneath.

Boyfriend fit Jeans


Why do you think brands all over the world create tonnes of boyfriend jeans? Yes, it’s because they’re both fashionable and comfortable. Pair it with a very well fitted tank top, and if the jeans is too long, fold them up a little bit so that they don’t look shabby and falsely worn.

Layer it up


If, after a night of hard partying, you doze off at your partner’s place and do not wish to go the class all decked up, here’s a trick. Throw on one of his shirts, roll up the sleeves, and if you have a big belt handy, tie it around the waist. Not extraordinary, but very pleasing, this style is definitely very chic.

Added tip: In order to strike the right appearance, it is important to always team your boyfriend’s one loose piece of clothing with your well fitted other. If you go all loose and baggy, you will not be able to look the part. Radiate confidence and you’ll be effortlessly charismatic and sexy.