How to Stay Fit During Festive Seasons

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Festive season is right on the way and you don’t want the efforts you spent at the gym go in vain… nor you want to miss the lip smacking gulab jamuns, rasmalai, jalebis, etc., during the celebration. But what if we tell you that you could eat your gulab jamuns this festive season without compromising the fitness? Tempted? Amh! Well, then follow my fitness tips without curbing on your sugar intake.

  • Opt for upma or poha instead of parathas and sheera in the morning breakfast. Combine with a glass of soya or low skimmed milk as it will give you less calories as compared to other drinks.
  • Keep a handful of nuts with you when you feel the need to munch sinful food items. This will provide you with instant energy. When I say nuts… I mean almonds and dates only!
  • Keep your servings small. Allow yourself to eat only a half of the servings as compared to normal days. For example, a palm of brown rice can curb the intake of fried rice.
  • If you go to a party opt for low calorie dressings and dips. Avoid extra cheese and oil. Go for grilled sandwiches, whole grains, leafy salads and soup for the starters.
  • Go for low calorie drinks. Stay away from cocktails… switch on to wine.
  • Make your own drink. Trust me! You will alter your intake as compared to “Bottoms-up” practice.
  • If any party happens to be at your place, play smart. Keep the calories in mind and plan the menu accordingly.
  • Opt for appetizers which carry low calories such as the canapés, caesar’s salad, yogurt dip and a perfect shrimp cocktail.
  •   For deserts, you can pick on sweets which are naturally sweetened by adding gur and honey. Besan laddu will be a smart choice.
  • Chew on each bite, don’t gulp down … you will feel full and satisfied.
  • Most important of all: go for a ten minute brisk walk every day. A ten minute walk can do wonders to get you in shape.

 Don’t neglect your health this festive season… pick on smart bites… ladies!

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