How To Sharpen Your Skills In English

Be it any competitive exam or a normal job interview, one thing you are always judged on is your command over English skills. You are a student, a job seeker, or a house-wife, you always search for an effective way to hone your English abilities. However, learners don’t get an appropriate and organised way of learning it. Some people give-up in between the learning process, due to their lack of confidence.

So initially, you must make-up your mind with the following:


  • Learning is possible at any point of time and can be enhanced.
  • Don’t suppose an overnight miracle because learning is an ongoing procedure.

Keeping your learning targets clear in your mind, know what, why, and how you need to learn with these effective ideas:


  • Always give a short span of time to practice, every day. It gives better results than an occupied full day’s mind exercise.
  • Go for the short rigorous courses, which happen on a daily basis, than a course that occurs only once a week.
  • Try to join a course that has most of the virtual classes, and attend it regularly.
  • Never miss doing whatever homework you get. No matter, if you do it in a wrong way.
  • Reading a comic book or a novel with simple language, every month, will help you a lot in improving your vocabulary.
  • Make it a habit to discover, and learn a new word each day.
  • Watching and listening to an English speaking debate or a discussion regularly, also instructs you the ‘dos and don’ts of a conversation.
  • Try to use net for reading a news article daily, mainly on the renowned sites.
  • Give your 10 minutes to listening English language as well, daily; make sure it should be a professional talking!
  • Also, watching an English movie, with the language instructions once in a month, gives you an array of new words to explore. It facilitates an idea of their pronunciations.
  • Listen to English music quite often; if required, listen it repeatedly.
  • Speak and speak a lot! No other way is as effectual as communication itself is. Talk most of the times with your friends or colleagues, in English.
  • Always keep yourself busy with grammar exercises whenever you get time. You may practice this by keeping your companion on the other side.

Always Keep Yourself Motivated:


  • Motivation is imperative to learn any kind of art. So, to avoid frustration, and thoughts provoking you to give-up, ask these questions to yourself:
  • Why do you want to improve your English skills?
  • Where would you explore your speaking skills?
  • What exactly you need to focus on, to improve primarily? (Writing/Reading/Listening Or Speaking)
  • What are the benefits you will get afterwards?