How to Share Your Second Pregnancy with Your First Child

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Thinking about bringing another baby of yours into this world? Inquisitive! When is the right time to share pregnancy news? Wondering how the arrival of this new little member will impact other family members? Concerned about how the new addition will affect your first baby? Yes, these are some of the legitimate and obvious questions that cross mothers’ mind while preparing herself for another child of hers.

Being an expecting mother of a second child, it is imperative that you explain your older child about the approaching birth of a sister or brother in a rightful and sensitive manner. First child feels vulnerable and threatened about his place in parent’s heart and position in the family. It is quite normal to feel so. The time that used to be rightfully his, will be taken up by the new baby and this makes him feel devastating.

It is better if you prepare your first one about it. This avoids hurtful scenes to happen later on. Explain him about the forthcoming situation. If you feel clueless and directionless as how to begin and handle the situation, I bring some handy tips to you.

Things to Do

  • Allow the toddler to hold his new born sibling. Kiss it and bond with it.
  • Apportion the time for your 1st child as well. When a new born falls asleep, give that time entirely to the older kid.

 Things Not to Do

  • Do not neglect your 1st born baby when you enter the home with your 2nd baby.
  • Don’t be over-proactive about the new born.


  • Make your older child a part of all your pregnancy linked activities, right from the beginning. To your toddler baby, break the news of having his/her baby sister or brother in your stomach.
  • Allow the child to accompany you in your routine doctor visits. Make him listen to the heart beat of the baby in womb. If your doctor is gracious, ask him to explain your child about what’s going on in your stomach.
  • Tell the kid that he would be required to play mommy and daddy from time-to-time. Taking a doll (toy)’s help, show him how to feed and change diapers of the baby.
  • Ask the child to offer you all the possible help that he could do in order to look after the new born.
  • Include the child in packing your bag for stay in hospital. After the birth of baby, make him to introduce the new member to other family members. Also, ask him to pick a name for the new baby.

A great journey is about to commence.