How to Remove the Kidney Stones with Homemade Cure

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Frequent desire to urinate….scarce urination….nausea….blood along with urine…..burning sensation during urination….abdominal pain….if you are suffering from these symptoms then be careful!….These are the indications of kidney stone. Accumulation of various salts, like uric acid, ammonium phosphate and calcium oxalate may lead to this disorder. But you need not to worry. Just follow the given below remedies and you will be OK within few days/months.

Desi Nuskhe for Kidney Stones

Desi Nuskhe for Kidney Stones

  • Drink plenty of water. At least 3 litres of water is essential to drink.
  • Mix equal quantity (60ml) each of olive oil and lemon juice. Drink it followed with a glass of water. This is a very effective remedy.
  • Make a soup of two cups of Kulthi (horse gram) and one cup of pomegranate seeds. Drink it. It’ll surely help you in removing the kidney stone.
  • Take one glass of water and put two medium sized onions in it. Cook it for 10 minutes over medium heat. Cool and blend it. Strain the juice and drink it. Follow this for three days. You will notice the effect from the second day.
  • Naariyal paani (coconut water) is very helpful in breaking up the kidney stones.
  • Take kidney bean pods and remove the beans. Chop 50 gm pods and boil it in 4 litres of water for atleast six hours. With the help of muslin cloth, strain the liquid. Allow it to cool for six hours. For the first day, drink it every 2 hours. Then, intake it many times a week.
  • Take some basil (tulsi) leaves and squeeze out its juice. Mix this juice with honey and intake it every day. Follow it for few months. It will help in expelling out the stones.
  • 30 ml of bitter gourd (karela) juice everyday is very effectual cure for kidney stones.
  • Take bark of henna (mehendi) plant. Boil the bark in water (in 1:20 ratio) until it remains ¼ of its original quantity. Intake this decoction 3 times a day, for atleast three months.


Diet Chart

Kidney stones can be controlled to a large extent by keeping a check on your food. Here is the list of food items which you should intake and avoid.


  • Water and other fluids
  • Rajma and red kidney pulse
  • Apricots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and beans
  • Grapes and watermelon


  • Pepper, red chilli and other spices
  • Curd, cheese and other milk products
  • Figs, cabbage, tomatoes and apples
  • Meat
  • Citrus fruits
  • Pickles