How to Pick the Right Foundation for your Skin!

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Foundation forms the base of your makeup and a clear even skin is totally necessary, to make your makeup look good. So have a look at how to pick the right foundation for your skin. Let’s start by identifying the skin type


Identify your Skin

Oily Skin

  • The T-junction i.e.  The lower forehead and the nose are porous and oily.
  • There is a shine on all over the face.
  • Skin is more prone to acne and pigmentation.

Tip: water based foundations followed by compact powder works best!

Normal Skin

  • Even skin tone
  • The texture is neither dry nor oily

Tip: a lotion based foundation is recommended. Compact can be used when required.

Dry skin

  • Face feels tight and dry.
  • The skin absorbs moisturizer very soon.

Tip: cream based foundations are best for this skin, and must avoid the use of compact as it will make your skin drier and parched.

How to Check the Color Tone

Remember to check the foundation in natural light as most stores have fluorescent lights. Do not check the foundation by applying it to your wrist; instead use it on your jaw line. Take one shade lighter to your skin tone.

Right Undertone

Foundation tones range from beige honey to porcelain. Check the overall impression of your skin. If you have green veins with a yellow tint in your skin, you have a warm undertone whereas if you have blue veins with a pink tint, it’s a cool undertone.

Peach or yellow based foundations are best for warm tones, and neutral to pink based foundations mix well with cool undertones.

Types of Foundations

  • Liquid Foundation


Liquid foundation works well with all skin types. It’s best if your skin doesn’t have marks coz it gives a very minimalistic impression. The foundation gives a dewy or satin finish.

  • Cream Foundation

It’s thick and creamlike. Makes a layer on the face. The foundation is good for dry skin as it sticks to the skin. Best to hide blemishes and marks. Dewy finish.

  • Pressed Powder Foundation

It’s good for oily skin as it spreads evenly with a matte effect. Doesn’t stay for a very long time. Matte finish, which hides some of the blemishes. Apply with a powder brush with dense bristles.

  • Mineral Foundation

Good for all skins except oily. Moisturises the skin, along with foundation. Works best for sensitive skin. Matte finish.

  • Tinted Moisturizer

Best for everyday makeup. Suits normal to dry skin. Sheer coverage with a nude natural look. Tinted moisturizer moisturizes the skin, with just a sweep of colour and hides little imperfections.