How To Perk Up Your White Room

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Though white is eternal and we are madly in love with the hue, at times, one needs a pop of colour to add some fun to life. Out and out white is classy, and pouring in a few dashes of shades is sure to add some excitement to your room.

We bring to you a few wonderful, easy to implement ideas that will give the much needed life to your room.

This room in white has been beautified with bright colors like green and yellow. The lighting has played a major role in bringing out the life in the colors.


We adore the minimalist yet attractive do of the room. Bright colors  greys and whites have been worked together to create a fun, trendy interior.


Throwing in a colored rug is one of the easiest and quickest ways to brighten up the white walls. You can even add a few contrasting cushions to enliven the environment.


One colorful couch also plays an essential role. Fill in a few knick knacks to reduce the empty space. You can even add a few drawings to the wall like the one shown here.


If your taste is subtle, you need not to go overboard with the colors  Black and brown go very well with white and will provide the required change without the dramatic obviousness.


Adding a lot of furniture, wall hangings, crockery, books, etc will remove all attention from the white dullness of the room. Printed sofas, colored lamps, flowers and rugs are all important tools in pepping up your room.


One more accessory for a white walled room is plants. Understated, classy and sophisticated, the green of plants adds hues along with the positive energy and good vibe that comes with these natural wonders.


White walls fit in colored paintings and hangings like none other. The colors come out with full force, looking vibrant, alive and energetic. Sure win-win.