How to Mother an Adolescent Daughter

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Girls become monsters when they reach their puberty. On entering their adolescence, they experience a lot of physical, emotional and mental changes. The turbulent emotions of adolescence make them alienated and thorny. They begin to separate from their parents to become free and independent. And, also become more conscious of how others, particularly their peers look at them and try desperately to fit in.  As compared to parents, friends become more important when it comes to making decisions.

Remember, you’ve to try to become the best friend of your daughter. It’s only your love and support that can help your adolescent daughter to come over all hurdles of life with audacity. Here I provide you tips to make the bond with your teen daughter stronger-

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Be Calm And Patient

It is essential not to lose your temperament and maintain coolness when your teen daughter goes unruly or makes a mistake. Remember, perseverance and patience always works. It’s important that you take some time off to spend quality time with your teenage girl and open up with her. Also make her to open up to you. Give her freedom to walk up to you any point of time. If you get succeeded in it, you find your daughter discussing with you every dilemma of her.

Exchange Words

Communication bridges the ‘generation-gap’ between parents and children.  Build a strong communication with your daughter. Make a rapport of a friend with her. Give her vibes that you’re not just her mother but a friend too to whom she can talk to freely about each and everything. This will open up her to you and then she will talk to you about everything that comes to your mind. Whenever she needs you, always be there for her.

Give Space

If you manage to be a friend of your daughter, it doesn’t mean you start poking your nose in whatever she does. Never be too interfering. She needs her own personal space. She would certainly not like if you interfere and be invasive about small-small things in her life. Provide the space that she desires but also don’t lose her completely. Ensure a balanced, fair lifestyle to her by providing a little bit of freedom and bit of restriction.

Talk about Sex

You might feel a little awkward to discuss sex with your teen girl. But it is imperative that you talk about everything that is related to sex with her.  Ensure that she realizes how careful she needs to be with her sexuality and all the sex related matters. Make her understand ‘what is wrong’ and ‘what is right’ in sexual intimacy between a girl and a boy.

Show Your Love and Support

Make your daughter realize that you love and care for her. Don’t scold her if she does something that annoys you. Children are likely to make mistakes. Instead, make her understand what was exactly wrong with her action/step. Never crib or grudge about her wrongdoings once you bring her back to right path. Let it go with what has happened in the past.

Rule Of thumb- Rather than becoming a guardian, try to be a friend and mentor of your teen daughter.