How to Make your Own Chandelier

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Who needs those magnificent, larger than life, overstated chandeliers when you can create your own happy light? We’ve tried a few at home, pushed friends to kick start their creative instinct and develop a few on their own (the result was more than pleasing) and penned down the ideas for the remaining ones. Here’s how.

  • Pick up the left over glasses at your place and paint them in the colours of your choice. Now make tiny holes in between the base of each glass and take sturdy wires in order to tie each glass with the wire. Bind them to a metallic plate which is strong enough to hold the weight together. Now take a bulb and suspend it in between the glasses, so that the light reaches out from across the glasses. Dangle at any place in your room and look at it…. illuminate your days and nights!

  • This one’s to the bow and frill lovers. Take a wire and mould it into a circle. Now make hooks with the same material. Shape your ribbon into bows and fasten them to the hooks. Cut a good number of tissue papers into flowers or stars or any other form. Tie them to a thread and position them next to the ribbons. Your awesome chandelier is complete.

  • You’ve drunk enough soda as a kid and now you see your little siblings littering around the bottles. Fret no more, pick them up, colour them in different hues and suspend them along a round wooden frame. Place a bulb in the middle of your shiny bottles and light up your world.

  • Each year, birthdays and Christmas leave behind enough glitter balls, tassels and pompoms which are only dumped the very next day, until you are in the dire need to buy them again the following year. Now make use of all of these, and droop them around a wire or metal band.

  • Pick a few drawings, newspaper cuttings, and coloured paper. Stick them in bundles of 3-4. Clip them together to a round iron piece. Insert a bulb in between the circle such that the bulb is complete covered and is seen only when it is illuminated. Watch the papers being brought to life and looking prettier than ever.

  • Once you’re done admiring and drinking from those beautifully created wine and whisky bottles, turn them upside down and place them in a metal frame as shown. Finding this mount at home can be slightly tricky, look it up at your scrap guys place.