How to Make your First Date Memorable

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Everyone wants to make their first date special. People tend to make it funny, interesting, or exciting. But, everyone is not lucky enough to have such a memorable date. Some people meet for the first time, and it becomes their last too. But for some, their first date gave them some moments, to cherish for the lifetime. So what do you want, a nightmare, or a memorable date? If you choose the second option, Follow the following tips, to make the things go right:

Think and Do Creative:


Are going for a movie; eating at a restaurant; sitting and gossiping…? Naah!  Every one does that. Why don’t you plan something different for your date? If you want to watch a movie, try to go in theaters  instead of multiplex. If your date loves dancing and listening songs, create your own disco. Go to a park with their favourite CDs, and small speakers too, and here is your natural disc. Cook what your date likes to eat, and bring along with you. Doing such little things will make your date feel special (but, be sure about their choices, likes, and dislikes).

Dress Elegantly:


“First impression is the last impression”, the phrase is well said by someone. And yes, the same applies to your first date too. Appearance matters a lot, especially on a first date because it’s your first meeting to know about each other. If your look and dress isn’t pleasing to your date, your first date will sure be the last. Dress in something casual and comfortable, so that you can easily have a relaxed and enjoyable evening.



The main purpose of a first date is to meet, and talk as much as you can. Try to know more about your date, because this will help in taking the decision that would you be meeting and spending time again. You can choose a cosy and a private coffee shop, where you can be at your ease.

Have Crazy Fun:


Don’t misinterpret fun in a sexual sense; the definition of fun is not only sex. Crack jokes! Show your sense of humour (even if it’s bad). Talk about random stuff. Discuss your favourite comedy movies, and play cute games. Couples, who laugh together, tend to stick more with each other. One can say that, the more fun you have, there will be more probability to have more dates.

The First Kiss:


Just a thought of kissing on a first date, gives Goosebumps, and stress to bid goodbye is everyone’s terror. First date doesn’t mean intimacy, so, avoid kissing on the lips. Instead of this, give a sweet kiss on the cheeks because this won’t look pushy. It will show that you had a real good time together, and would like to meet again.