How to Make Homemade Honey and Olive Oil Hair Mask


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Both honey and olive oil are known to possess the excellent qualities for your hair and skin. When you use olive oil as a mask and allow it to get soaked in your hair, it enhances its manageability, appearance, and feel. Since it is a great emollient, it conditions your hair making it easy to comb through. It even prevents breakage and adds shine. In order to thicken the olive oil mask and make use of honey’s effective properties, we mix the two ingredients together. Allow this mask to get fully saturated and absorbed by your hair.




Here is how you can create your own honey and olive oil mask at home. Read along the following instructions:

1.  Pick a good quality virgin olive oil, in order to use it as the base of the mask that you are about to prepare. For additional benefits and a more pleasant fragrance, you can add the dried lavender or rosemary. Soak them in the bottle of olive oil, a few days before to begin to work on your mask. The herbs will not only strengthen and revitalize your hair, but also infuse scents, which will make the massage more relaxing.


2.  Pour 5 tablespoons of this oil in a bowl.


3.  Add a few drops of honey, and continuously whisk this mixture until you feel the mask becoming manageable and smooth. This is done because honey helps in making the substance less runny, thereby aiding easier application.


Make sure you don’t add too much honey; otherwise, your mask will become very sticky. In case it does become sticky, add olive oil and whisk it until the mask become normal. The health benefits of honey are many. Besides conditioning and hydrating your hair, it enhances the benefits of olive oil.

4.  Massage your mask onto damp hair so that it is evenly and equally distributed, as well as fully saturated on your hair.


5.  Remember to cover your hair with a plastic wrap, shower cap, or a grocery plastic bag so that it does not hang loose on your hair. Soak the mask for about 90 minutes (the heat trapped in the plastic covering, will facilitate the absorption of honey and olive oil in your hair.


6.  Rinse the mask off your hair using lukewarm water. Shampoo your hair well. The use of lukewarm water will help to preserve the shine brought about by the mask.


Other Tips:

  • You can increase or decrease the quantity of ingredients you take according to your needs. If your hair is long and thick, increase the amount and vice versa.
  • The leftover mask can be applied to your hands and feet as a softening agent.

We hope you pamper your hair with this super easy and absolutely effective homemade honey and olive oil mask. It is sure to soften and add shine to your hair. You are bound to see the significant results even after 1-2 applications. And it’s cost effective too!