How to Make Someone Spill the Beans

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If you find that your closest friend is hiding something from you, nowadays. And, you become restless to know the truth, but don’t know how? Before you judge your mate as being disloyal to you, it’s better digging out the truth from your mouth, patiently. So, try these natty tricks and reveal the much awaited secret.


1. When you get the sign that your closest buddy has hidden something from you, the first trick would be to ask him simply out-and-out.If, on the first go, you find him being a little hesitant about the topic,this indicates that there is surely something to uncover.

2. If the person is not willing to say anything, show as if its fine with you, and you’re also not eager to know anything. When the person sees your laid-back attitude, he/she will try to open up with you.

3. You also have to assure that the person for not breaking his/her faith, in any condition.Once you get his/her beliefs,you’re on.But, If this doesn’t work for you, then use the simple strategy by saying “I know what’s going on, in your mind nowadays, but I am not going to share it with anyone, not even to you”. Drop the conversation there, with a little hard look.

4. Ascertain the person that you know the secret by taking names of his/her closed ones.If the person is being nervous, during this  conversation, keep asking for hints.And once you get it, try to predict the possibilities of past incidences,which you can relate with the person. May be your guesses get you on the right track.

5. Tell the person any of your secrets, in order to gain his/her confidence.Moreover, you can frame it by saying,“If I have let my secrets out in front of you, then you too may trust me”.

Also,whatever the secret comes out, we’d suggest you to respect it and keep it confidential. As we respect everyone’s privacy and don’t want to be misused,anyhow.

It was a mistake,” you said. But the cruel thing was, it felt like the mistake was mine, for trusting you. – David Levithan, author of ‘The Lover’s Dictionary’.