How to Kill Your Craving for Junk Foods

Is the junk food healthy? Obviously not!  It is unhealthy and fattening, and you know this!….But still you eat it, why?….As it fills your stomach and saves time. Eating fast food is not good, accepted! But not that bad as it is accredited by the people. Had it been so bad, how millions of Americans are still alive then?

‘Excess of anything is bad’…..The same proverb applies to junk food. Junk food causes no harm if they are consumed occasionally and in the controlled amount. One must not make fast food one’s morning and/or evening food. If they are eaten in a limited amount, and accompanied with a brisk walk, to reduce the gained calories, then junk food is not  bad food. It is the addiction of junk food that has credited it as  bad food.

The Point is…. How can you kick your junk food addiction? Many of you would have tried and failed in killing cravings for fast food. If you are determined to quit fast food and get in a better shape this time, then you can do this with 100% success by –

Knowing the Cause


Identify the reason, behind your junk food eating habits. Is it a sheer taste of junk food, lack of sleep, stress, emotional eating habits, erratic work schedules, emotional disturbance or no time to cook that is making you fall prey to the burger, pizza, noodles, Maggie and fries or there is something beneath the surface?

  • If the discovered reason is work-life balance, lack of sleep or stress- then it is your lifestyle that needs a change. Plan a routine schedule that leaves you enough time to rest your body. Also, begin working out. You will notice fall in your junk food cravings as your body adapts to improve and live a healthy lifestyle.
  • When the emotional distress makes you an addict for fast food, then you need to see a psychiatric to overcome emotional instability or disturbance.

Hit Upon Healtheir Substitutes


  • You run out of time in the morning, so you consider junk food a good substitute for breakfast meal. Now, you need to discover some quick breakfast substitutes, for instance- oatmeals, cereals, etc.
  •  Manage your coffee- addiction by adding green tea or Tea with milk to your routine menu as an alternative. Green tea contributes in losing weight.
  • In between the meal if you develop craving for chocolates, then find fruits or nutribar as an alternative.
  • Substitute fries or burgers with dinner and lunch or evening meal with assorted nuts or home-made multigrain sandwiches.
  • Replace aerated beverages with a glass of plain or fresh lime water.

Abandon Sedantry Lifestyle


  • Get enrolled in some dance or sports classes.
  • Start Gym or exercise regularly.
  • Make a routine plan that allows your body to have enough rest.

Bring following easy practices in your routine life-


  • Drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses daily.
  • Start your day with a heavy breakfast, followed by a reduced meal in the lunch and a very meager meal in the dinner.
  • Snack on items, like fruits, nuts, cereals and milk.
  • Exercise regularly. Swimming or jogging of about 30 minutes on a daily basis or thrice a week is enough to burn your gained calories. Time should not be an excuse.
  • Don’t keep junk food in your home.
  • Take enough sleep.
  • Don’t visit grocery shops when you are starving.
  • Cook your meal on your own as it will make you appreciate your cooking and taste of the food.
  • Read about the ill-effects that junk food causes. This helps in resisting temptation for junk food.

The three keys to get over junk food addiction are – setting up a plan, pacing and staying glued to it. Take as long as you need to ingrain new habits. A period of 2 weeks is the minimum time duration that one needs. It is better if you choose 1 year over 6 months to become free from junk food addiction than to give yourself entirely to it.

Junk the Junk food!